Fashion Girls – Welcome to the dazzling world of stardom and celebrities

[Game] Fashion Girls

Fashion Girls

IT’S YOUR TIME TO SHINE! The hottest dress up game, Fashion Girls, is available on Google Play now!

Welcome to the dazzling world of stardom and celebrities. The hottest new star in Hollywood is… YOU! Let your imagination run wild in this groundbreaking dress up game. Choose from thousands of fabulous dresses, handbags, hairstyles, shoes, accessories and more makeup to create fab looks and show off your personal style. You will be your own fashion star and rise to fame and fortune!

Game Features:

Customize your look with hundreds of style options
Choose your pose and snap the moment in photo gallery
Complete the daily tasks to earn gems for even more shopping
Stunning graphics and easy & fun to play

Fashion Girls user reviews :

In my older phone it worked wonderfully but I faced many problems like “can’t download or try again in this” but both are of one company Samsung (vision are different) but still I have got it in my this phone ok then 4 stars -1 because my phone started to hang after downloading it! fix it please but I personally like it that sit!!!!

This game is a lot fun i like it but you could improve a little bit ok? 1. Like when you do the makeup you can’t change the skin colour fix that cause i want the skin colour to be different not pale ok and 2. Make the hairstyles more items cause i wanna grow ,cut and and add more colours to the wigs section make a hair growing spray and add scissors ,shampoo and a shower please fix all this problem so this game will be perrrfect five stars but only if you fix all this ok? Pls do it thanks =5

I love this game The only problem is there is so little options of clothes and mackup and so little jobs. Please could you update the game even more so we could have a lot more fun. And the jobs give so little money the only time you can get a hol bunch of money is if you take the jobs for 24houers . And we also please need more daily tasks. THANK YOU FOR HEARING ME OUT

It was alright.Just not easier to brush the hair, so l was forced to use DIY.Also earning money took so long even though that was the whole point.I feel that the game revolved around the same stuff…it was very limited

This game is nice but designing 1 person is boring i also recommend that u put minigames to earn diamonds and unlock accesories. What’s a girl without friends or a crush and going to school and going to the mall, cafes etc. Come on people!! Think outside the box

It’s nice and it’s a great game for kids who like to play girl games because you can dress her up but what I don’t like about this game is that you can’t dress her hot like a cute hot girl like someone in a crop top and a body rider with some spiky heels I like the game but it’s not my type of game and I only had it for like 1 hour then I deleted it so I just give you those few stars because it’s nice but it’s not my type of game

This game is awesome. You can dress her anyway u want and getting money is super easy. This game is the best.

It’s good but it be much better if the were levels and if you could go two concerts for real not just for work they should put you like they show you competing with other people of who’s the most beautiful then he’ll be much

Fashion girls is a fabulous game..I love and enjoythe game ..very much and I think it’s the best game for girls…..girls who are interested in games must play fashion girls .

It’s a very nice game but kinda boring so I wish u cud get any other way of getting the gems like some other mini games but apart from that the game is really nice

I love the game but i wish there were more clothes,shoes and everything on the game and i wish there more games

It is an awesome games though you can only do a little stuff but other than that is is over the moon

This game is very easy and fast way to the bathwater and boy did you get to know if the bathwater and boy was it good

I loved the game very much in my first phone now i installed this into this phone i really miss the audio

I love this game problem is the are only less options of everything but anyway well tried but I still say this game is nice. WELL DONE

Well it is an amazing game but it needs just a little improvement on the let it be much more but good job

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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