FFVII The First Soldier – Eliminate your rivals by any means necessary

[Game] FFVII The First Soldier

FFVII The First Soldier  Fight to join the ranks of Shinra’s elite SOLDIER unit in this high-octane battle royale shooter, infused with RPG elements from the FINAL FANTASY series.Choose a combat style, such as Warrior or Sorcerer, and eliminate your rivals by any means necessary, be it gun, sword, or magic.

Defeat monsters to earn experience points and gil, call upon fan-favorite summons such as Ifrit to fight for you, and catch a chocobo to dash and glide across the battlefield.

Latest Info
News on events and more can be found from our website and official social media accounts.
Website:  www.ffviifs.com/en/
Official Twitter account:  twitter.com/ffvii_fs_en

Recommended Devices
64-bit devices with Android 7.1 or higher and at least 3GB of RAM required
*Certain devices may be incompatible with the game even if they meet the above requirements.

About the Game
Fight Using a Combination of Melee, Magic, and Firearms
Use all the options at your disposal to overwhelm your enemies in highly varied and strategic combat.

Level Up and Upgrade Your Arsenal During Battle
Fight monsters on the battlefield to gain experience points, power up your skills, and raise your max HP. Use gil you pick up to upgrade your equipment and purchase items.

Choose from Varied Styles, Each with Different Strengths
Will you be a Warrior and take the fight to the enemy with powerful melee attacks? Or do you prefer the ability to cast augmented spells as a Sorcerer? Perhaps sneaking in and out of combat as a Ninja is more suited to you? Choose from these styles and more before every battle to determine your playstyle!

Visit and Play in Iconic Locations from FFVII
Seventh Heaven, Corneo’s mansion, the train graveyard, and even a familiar house surrounded by flowers are just some of the iconic locations you can visit in each expansive map.

Fully Customize Your Character
Choose a look that fits your unique personality with a huge variety of costumes, emotes, and more.

Production Staff
Tetsuya Nomura serves as creative director for this official chapter of FINAL FANTASY VII.

Executive Producer: Yoshinori Kitase
Creative Director: Tetsuya Nomura
Producer: Shoichi Ichikawa
Scenario Supervisor: Kazushige Nojima (Stellavista Ltd.)
Development: Ateam Entertainment Inc.

© 1997, 2021 SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.
Powered by Ateam Entertainment Inc.

FFVII The First Soldier user reviews :

I’m only here because of the FF7 trademark. The lack of story is a strong turnoff for me even though I did came first couple of times… Sometimes the matchmaking takes too long but I can live with that. I also love playing against bots because sometimes I actually defeat them :)) Playing shooters on a mobile is atrocious. I will stick around for a lil longer but I truly hope they would insert a co-op vs. Monsters mode. I play video game with stories for fun and depth but 1st Sol is frustrating.

This game has a lot potential, but the problem is there’s a really few players that’s why it’s really hard to find a match that’s why it’s taking me long time to level up. Also the game crush is pretty annoying specially when the final phase starts the game will start to lag even though my phone capable of high frame rate, that’s why a rarely win a match because I can’t focus on that game because of lag. I’m a really big fan of FF series that’s why I’m still looking forward this game.

Never thought I’d like a battle royale, but here we are! Great range of classes, materia really adds a big element to the game, and the parkour/climbing lets you really take advantage of the verticality of the map. It’s hard to play without a controller, but what shooter isn’t? Genuinely excited to see where they take this over time.

I’m a huge fan of the FF series, I’ve played the original ff7 thoroughly and was very excited about this. The concept is great and most things look good but there’s a clear balancing issue. Controls are a bit sticky and sometimes don’t work at all. When I can get blitzed by a soldier and get melee’d to death instantly, I think that’s a bit unfair. Balance the game, smooth the controls, and it would be fantastic.

Latest Update :

Bug Fixes
Feature improvements

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Game was Removed from Play Store

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