Fireworks – Tap the screen to launch a firework

[App] Fireworks


A live wallpaper that shoots off fireworks of all different colors.

Tap the screen to launch a firework toward your finger.

To use: long press on the home screen -> Wallpapers -> Live wallpapers

At last, a long overdue update! This addresses some performance and stability issues. Let me know by email if it still crashes.

Fireworks user reviews :

To the recent reviewers complaining app doesn’t work – bear in mind this hasn’t been updated since 2010 when android 2 was around. Despite this – it still works (sort of) on my moto play vision. The setting menus unfortunately pop up with a transparent background so you can still see text underneath – it looks a mess & background pictures look blurry/low res but for a FREE OLD UN-UPDATED app that MIGHT work on modern phones, it’s not bad

Pretty cool….. I like that you can program it… that’s the best part…. Oh..and you can also tap the screen to make a firework launch…. that’s pretty cool….the fireworks are not as clear as a past app version….

No longer works after upgrading phone. App installs, but there is no way of setting it as live wallpaper. Please fix. This was by far my most favorite live wallpaper.

App is no good. Downloaded it and it doesn’t show up on my phone anywhere. Useless app is uninstalled.

Won’t stay in screen have to reload everytime start phone

Easy to set up, simple in the best way

Works well & looks great on my Phone’s screen.

Overall it’s pretty good. There’s one small annoyance on my Galaxy S3 at least. The menu screens that open are partially transparent, and they open up on top of the prior screen, so it’s hard to read the superimposed words. It would also be nice to have the ability to set your own custom background.

Nice wallpaper. For free good job. A few of issues however. First the actual fireworks is a bit pixeled on the screen. On the menu screen the sub-menu words overlap the previous menu making it a bit harder to read. And my biggest issue is that the choice of background images are bad. Most are poor resolution and only one that was OK was the beach scene.

When I go to the settings, it overlaps.. The previous stays.. Second thing, it does not have too many varieties in terms of type. Third, if only the background can be randomly switched, then you will get one more star.

This is the 1st App I have ever taken the time to Rate & Review. Tried Many other Wallpapers in this genre before downloading this 1.. This is the Best Free Fireworks Wallpaper in the Play Market I could find. Little Drain to Battery, Complete Control over Customization, Good Graphics & Frame Rate, Does Not Slow Phone, No Special Permissions Required. 5 Stars

I love it. My favorite part is watching the fireworks shoot up and just as they reach their peek the blow! No lag when changing screens. Only thing wrong was when changing the options, there’s text on text making it hard to read. Make the window darker maybe.

I have a lot of really cool live wallpapers but live fireworks is by far the best! Is been two years since I first installed this LWP, I took one star away because there are a lot of new lightweight lwp’s now. It would really cool if you could see the fireworks reflect on the water, today they have that technology but since you haven’t updated in two years….

I hate it when I see a Wallpaper asking for permissions but I guess that means, in this case, that the user cannot use their own custom backgrounds. Which is fine with me…the provided backgrounds are fine. This app is nicely customizable…my only gripe is that the settings sub-menus overlay on top of the main Menu making them a little hard to read. Otherwise…perfect! 5 Stars!

The best free live wallpaper you can get.The only changes I would make would be more pre-loaded background image choices and a choose my own background option.Running smoothly even when I choose a slow refresh rate. On my LG Lucid

Anybody who uses or se es a firework go off is impressed. With them activating on touches it becomes more than just a wallpaper. Would love to see the ability to import any picture. Or even just the disney castle packed in the defaults. 5 start regardless though.

I just wanted something to liven up my phone. This is a nice wallpaper with several options that allow users to customize the colors, frequency and sizes of the fireworks amongst others. Everything I wanted plus some. I guess my only complaint would be there is no SFX option for the fireworks.

This year, i missed most of the fireworks on the fourth of july, and i was really sad because thats the only night fireworks are allowed throughout the whole year. But now, everyday is the fourth of july! Thank you for creating this app!

1.Love the fact that everything on it is FREE! can change the shape and color so its great for holidays (I.e. 4 of july, christmas etc.) 3.I paractically control the fireworks :-) Amazing live wallpaper. I have one small suggestion. Maybe make letters and words go off at different times to spell things?

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