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[Game] Fish rain – sport fishing

Fish rain There is nothing easier than throwing and pulling out fish – this is the motto of the game fishing
Realizing live spots and live sounds will truly take you to realistic fishing. The ability to communicate in live chat online, jointly catching fish. Send to chat your epic trophy catch showing the name of the fish and its weight.

Over 200 species of fish. Catch different types of fish, try your luck at fishing for pike, catfish, catching medium-sized fish, such as perch and salmon, or open the hunt for a larger catch – carps, sharks, beluga, kaluga. Choose the most suitable fishing equipment for your fishing. The need to choose the perfect fishing rod and bait makes the game “Fishing” one of the best logic games for mobile devices.

Caught let it go or sell it so you can earn
Beautiful and well-drawn interface. Fishing rods with different characteristics for catching fish of different weight categories. Many trophies with tasks for each fish. Pump over many different fishing abilities.

Fishing every day and catch the trophy of your dreams
Implementation of fishing rod breakage. Play without internet. Play with the Internet to unlock achievements, as well as compete in rankings with other fishermen. Various types of trophies are ordinary, rare, legendary, relict, epic. Install fishing nets.

So why aren’t you fishing yet, start right now
You can catch a variety of fishing spots in South America on the Amazon River, in Russia on Lake Baikal and even in Ukraine on the Pripyat River and other locations. A very large selection of bait or bait from a worm to a cucumber and even leeches. Change of time of day: morning, day, evening and night with a variety of game sounds and even flying bugs.

Fish rain user reviews :

One of the best parts of this game is the ability to choose your fishing spot in an environment. Graphics are quite good, there are many types of tackle available, you can change fishing techniques; This game seems to have included everything. Because of the covid epidemic, I can’t fish outside, but this app has made me less sad.

As far as possible. It is very realistic and interesting. It’s a great game where people without fishing rights can see what kind of fish there are actually! Best fishing game ever. When I play, I see the graphics and they are very nice. In addition, the instructions are also fluent and easy to understand.

This is a great game where I can drift. It makes fishing so much more fun. I can choose different fishing locations on the map, it has very realistic graphics that make me feel like I am really there. There are many types of bait and fishing rods, hooks, and floats here. Very interesting. I will recommend it to my friends.

Great game play with very good graphics. The whole thing is straightforward and realistically simulates a fishing trip, where you can sell fish to collect loot for yourself. This would be my first recommendation for a fishing game if I were asked. You did a great job!

Great app for fishing lovers. The interface is nice and well drawn. Fishing rods with different characteristics to catch fish of different weight classes. Lots of loot with quests for each fish. Very interesting, I love this game!!!

The mechanics of the game are very smooth. Casting, turning, tensioning on the chain, etc all feel great. The environment is also great. I just started playing and I rate this game 5 stars. The game is really great. Can’t wait to play more.

It’s easy to download this game. It has a lot of interesting features such as: many different items, different types of fish, many locations for me to choose from. Just completing the quest, I can choose a lot of interesting items. I love and enjoy this game very much.

I really like this game. There are many different types of fish here. I can choose the sentence point I want. Beautiful graphics. Simple and easy gameplay. This game seems to include everything that fishing lovers desire. Great to know about this game.

It’s a very good game,the graphics are great no matter what setting, you can change from kg to lb, and the animations and variety of fish are perfect. I really recommend downloading this game.

This is the most relaxing free game I have ever played. It was great with different types of fish and different types of fishing rods so I could easily choose. Simple and easy operation. Very interesting!

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