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Fishing SuperstarsNew features for Season 5

Bring honor to your guild! Real-time battles, guild grand-prix function added!
Guild-only Competition added where any guilds can participate in real-time.
Conquer fishing spots to bring honor to your guild and receive abundant rewards!

A fishing competition not for freshmen, Champions League!
The highest level fishing competition composed only of the strongest fish!
Win week-long competitions among the experts and receive a special title with rewards!

Break down equipment and piece adding functions added!
Now you can break down equipment that you don’t use to make a stronger equipment.
Acquire better fishing rods and rare items by adding the pieces from breaking down your fishing rod!

Special features only available in Fishing Superstars

Create a guild with friends and fulfill missions together!
A guild system (create, join, manage, leave, etc.) has been added
Receive special rewards by clearing missions!

Deckhands are here to help!!
Recruit deckhands to fish while you’re away!
The more deckhands in use, the more rewards acquired!

Who says you can’t wind the reel?
Enjoy realistic fishing and the thrill of the catch!
Closer to real fishing than ever!

Challenge yourself and land the big catch!!!
Enjoy casting lines and winding the reel.
From small fry to monster fish! Catch a whole variety~

Enjoy the challenge and competition!
Aim for victory in the daily competitions~
Brag on Facebook when you land a bigger catch than your friends!

So many fish to collect!
Over 200 types of fish, and more being added consistently!
Complete the Illustrated Book per site and receive ample rewards!

Put your catch on display for double the fun~!
Fill your aquarium with the various fish you catch.
Enjoy fishing sites with a natural view.

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Notifications (optional): Permission to send you useful in-game notifications.(Android 13 or higher)

This game is available in English.
There may be additional costs when trying to obtain certain items.

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Fishing Superstars user reviews :

I’ve been playin’ this game from season 1 and still find it addictive game. Nice graphic, good story line from the main mission. I just hope you could add a chat fuction, so the player can interact with another player. Edit : it’s fun but it’s so hard to get a decent equipment. It’s a “must” buy to get a decent equipment. Edit : still have black screen

Probably the nicest mix of cartoony fantasy fishing and good old fashioned real fish style fishing on the app store.

I’ve been playing this game for almost 12 years, is it abandoned now?? We used to celebrate anniversary, but not this year.

Not as fun as really fishing but it’s better than nothing

Great fishing sim..has an almost rpg feel to it as well. Lots of customization options. Devs keep more gear coming…great job !! Returning player and I Still love this game 6yrs later but I am pretty bummed. I no longer can access my old account that I had connected and I have to start from there anyway to get that account back?

The game was super great when I first started playing it 10 yrs ago. I built up so high and spend alot of real money just to spend it cuz it doesn’t matter what u do the higher the levels are the nearly impossible to catch the fish cuz they right off the rip the are so fast that u don’t even get a change to try and catch them cuz they already took off and broke the line or ur meter is so red that it brakes anyways so what’s the point to even keep spending real money nor keep playing cuz I’m maxe

i wanna be fishig but for real this game is nice, lots of popups (not ads) when you open the game and all the flashing thimgs get a bit overwhelming sometimes but its a good game, i dont get too into it with all the features, i just like catching fish. definitely playable without rlc purchases which is nice, and you get quite a few good items when you start out. definitely recommend if you just want virtual fishing

Game is good and all, but there are main issues I’m having. Upgrading my equipment and looking for Boss Fish. I kid do not. Upgrading your fishing equipment is hard as hell. I couldn’t even catch or find a single Boss Fish because I’m too late for the event, which really pisses me off as I’d like to catch some extinct species in the game ( I’m a paleontology geek kind of guy). Another issue is upgrading the aquarium. We need tickets to expand the aquariums? Really?

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