Fitness Club Tycoon – Build your very own gym

[Game] Fitness Club Tycoon

Fitness Club Tycoon

Boss, your gym is overcrowded, so come build a unique luxury gym!

“Fitness Club Tycoon” is a casual simulation game with exquisite graphics. In the game, you will play the role of a slimming club’s boss, annd run slimming boot camps, help customers who need to slim down exercise to lose weight and help them regain their perfect figure. As the boss, your task is to set up a team of excellent trainers, turn this place into a first-class gym and launch a chain full of stores all over the world!

Game Highlight

Build your very own gym
Huge map scenarios where you’re free to expand anywhere! Like the Hawaiian style beach theme? Or do you prefer the forest theme of the Amazon rainforest? Or do you want to cover the outside of your gym with super cool rides? All you need to do is flick your fingers and it’ll be right in front of you without having to wait!

Immersive Realistic Gym Experience
There are treadmills, battle ropes, swimming, calisthenics, boxing and a wealth of other sports, each with a unique and interesting visual animations. Watch the guests working out hard in each gym and feel the fat burning!! You’ll even move along with the poses of the customers to the upbeat music!

Recruit employees with unique personalities.
Have you ever seen a tricky employee who comes to work with a bombastic hairdo? Ever seen an NBA player come out of retirement to teach you how to train with a battle rope? A chef who comes to apply for a job in order to lose weight, whom you even have to watch out for him sneaking out the food prepared for the customers! But our professional trainers will keep an eye on those lazy customers for you, so you just need to enjoy the beauty of it all in front of your screen!

Fun interaction with customers
They need to be pushed during the weight loss process! Quickly encourage those customers who want to give up halfway and keep them going. In the end, your customers will successfully slim down, have a noticeable change in their bodies, and become handsome and beautiful while having better health. Also, when exercising they need energy! Don’t forget to provide them with food, drinks, and even leisure services such as spa and private cinema, they will love it here and you will be one step closer to global fame!

Whichever of the following players you are, be sure to download and play!

Fitness enthusiasts who often go to the gym
Handsome men and women who want to slim down and have a perfect body
Newcomers to fitness who want to lose weight and love restaurant food
Casual players who want to play anytime, anywhere and collect idle earnings
People who are looking for a idle or simulation game worth their time
Management professionals who enjoy building and tapping to upgrade in simulation games

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Fitness Club Tycoon user reviews :

I think this game is cute, but I’ve been getting frustrated with progression. Initially I needed 1000 people to lose weight to move to the next gym (the 2nd). I hit that milestone, but once I did, it instantly changed saying I needed the build value to get up to 2000 to move. Every upgrade, at the most, gives 5 build value points, plus upgrades now cost millions of dollars. I’ve never had it be so difficult to move to the second level of the game. I am getting close to deleting because of this.

  • Hi, We are sorry you don’t like the game :( Could you maybe give us some suggestions on how we could improve? We will take your suggestions into consideration. Best

Surprisingly fun time waster but there are some issues that prevent it from being really great. The third gym is not available yet and sometimes the ads will freeze the game completely or the X button will be underneath a feedback prompt that will prevent you from exiting the ad even after sitting through the entire thing. Then you have to exit the app and you end up forfeiting the reward and/or challenge you had in progress. It can make an otherwise fun game very frustrating.

  • Hi, We appreciate your 4-stars rating! We’ll keep the hard work to give you the best possible experience in our games.

I really liked this game at first. I even got the no ads package. Then yesterday I finally was able to unlock the third gym. When I pushed the unlock button it went to the purple loading screen and had been stuck on the loading screen ever since. The worse part is I can’t even go to my first 2 gyms to check on them and finish updating them. It’s just stuck loading. I’m beyond upset because the no ads package was expensive and now I’m just out of my money.

  • Hi, Please, update your game to version 1.2.7 to fix this issue. We are sorry about this inconvenience. Best

I really like this game and I’m getting addicted to play this game everyday. I even pay for no ads and it really awesome when you can click every ads button without watch it. It’s just I want developer to create bind account. So that people will not lose their account if they uninstall or change to other device. I see this game release around 3 month ago and it still keep developing by their team. Keep it up and give an awesome update and fix any bugs.

We understand that everyone wants to create a bound account, but there are still some problems in the previous test, so the launch of this function will be delayed.

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