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[Game] Flip This House – Decoration & Home Design

Flip This House  Have you ever wanted to make a house makeover, which you couldn’t afford? Call Puzzle.tv! Maybe it’s you whose design dreams will be fulfilled this time by the home fixing crew of Pearl, Harvey & Flipper!

Your new creative hobby
Flip This House is one of the most relaxing home design games ever made! This game of design, renovation & decoration put you in control of the whole house design, interior makeover crew, set on a mission to redesign, refurbish and/or rebuild homes from scratch.

Easy, relaxing gameplay
If you’re tired with constant challenges of other home design games, Flip This House is a perfect choice. This free game lets you step into the shoes of a real 3D home designer. Whether you’re adding new rooms, decorating the house or cleaning after work, it’s an unthinkable joy to see how the old home turns into a shiny, new building.

Game of extraordinary characters
In your new house designer job you meet Pearl, who’s in charge of the newest home makeover Puzzle.tv show, that makes people’s interior design dreams come true. Her optimism and passion about home renovation & decoration is supported by building & fixing skills of a handyman Harvey. But the real star is Flipper – the one and only DOGTASTIC home designer!

Another episode, another life changed
Every episode of Flip This House is starred by a good man in need. Are you going to just re-design interior decorating or will it be a total home makeover? Clean messy rooms, remove hidden objects and select paint, chairs, table and every decoration item. Not everyone needs to live in a mansion, but it’s up to you whether the guests call results of your house building efforts “ my home ”. These people deserve to make their home design dreams come true!

Play fun match-3 puzzle games
Whether you design, renovate, fix, repair or just decorate a house, your funds aren’t endless. Still, you can invest more by playing a fun match-3 game! The core gameplay is easy: match 3 jewels in a row to make a blast; match jewels in squares or longer rows to create bombs, rockets and other power-ups! Once you try this puzzle game, you won’t stop matching!

Mansion or home? Decor matters!
With each level, there’s another match-3 challenge. Win power-ups like a hammer or rocket to make the job easier! You’re going to be a successful house builder or home designer that saves other people from living in the badly designed, poorly decorated house.

Regular events with great rewards
Wash a Flipper, help Pearl play a dress up game before the party or hunt for a treasure chest. Every day there are unique activities to participate in! Play more match-3 games, blast jewels to reach uneasy goals and win great rewards.

Designer’s Space is the place!
Socialize with other home designers in the Designer’s Space. Chat about decoration, join a clan or exchange hearts to play more match-3 games for free. Meet new friends and show them that decor matters!

Are you ready to fulfill your home design dreams? So Flip This House NOW!

Flip This House user reviews :

Fun game! Would have given 5 stars but the dog Flipper looks psycho and the name is stupid. Can you change the dog and name???? Also, why do you charge to get rid of furniture? Ridiculous, no other game charges, furniture is simply replaced. Those are my reasons so far for 3 stars. We will see as it progress through the game.

Several observations: 1. The game starts fairly easy for few levels, than the difficulty increases fast and the number of movements decreases faster. 2. The animation: the dog looks like an old PS2 game dead eye monster, the girl’s face covers half the screen when she got something to say. Creepy. 3. Voice over: I guess is a lady voice, but it sounds more like muffled moaning. 4. Color scheme & design: bland, lots of grays and white and the furniture is very minimalistic.

Love the game so far (just downloaded it BUT! I don’t like when you’re playing and the game indicates your move,what if I want to make a different move…ugh that really bothers me…I’m going back to my game and if I get bored I’m deleting it….
  • Ten Square Games
  • Thank you for sharing your opinion. In case of any additional questions, please contact our support team via in-game chat. You can find it in the game settings. – Ten Square Games Support Team.

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