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Forest of Destiny


Working at your stepfather’s real estate company gets a lot more complicated when three animal spirits reveal themselves to you. Calling themselves Protectors of the Sacred Forest, they come in search of a new Forest Guardian and the means to save their home from impending destruction.

Things turn explosive in more ways than one when a series of arson attacks seems to target your worksite, and it’ll be up to you to manage tensions on both sides as you race to unmask the culprit.

Faced with the question of siding with humans or spirits, career or conviction, your head or your heart—which will you choose?

Are you ready to accept the role of Forest Guardian?

Decide your fate in Forest of Destiny!


Jinta — The Alpha Wolf

The leader of his pack and a fierce critic of humankind, Jinta has a bite that matches his bark. His love of the forest is all that convinces him to give you a chance. Can you earn his trust and secure the loyalty of his forces for the grand battle that looms ahead?

Rei — The Stalwart Stag
Carrying antlers means having poise and balance, both of which Rei has in spades. Having spent the longest time in the human world, he enjoys respect in your company and quite a few admirers. Can you help ease the burden of past transgressions?

Midori — The Flirty Fox

As charming as he is unflinchingly optimistic, Midori brings an electric atmosphere to every one of your encounters. Behind those sharp eyes lies a history both tragic and captivating. Can you be his spark of hope when storm clouds gather?

Ren — The Cunning Crane

As the fourth Protector of the Sacred Forest, Ren is committed to forging his own path. Determined to end the destruction of his home at any cost, he cares little for an upstart Forest Guardian. Can you convince him that peace is worth pursuing?

Forest of Destiny user reviews :

This was a very fun and interesting game, I like it but the thing is you only have 30 rubies so that means you can only choose once for the primium choice. In my opinion, I don’t think having the primium choice was a great idea, because you’ll either have to pay for rubies or play games to earn points to exchange for rubies which take a long time. Alot of people don’t have much money so they can’t afford the rubies, I know so you can play mini games to earn points but it take too long.

Out of all the games from this company, this has to be, by far, my favorite. Story development is great, and my God, the art work is glorious in this one. People complain about the rubies, but I’ve played almost every story put out by them, and the stories are still rich without choosing ruby choices.

It would be better if i didnt have to wait around 3 hrs for a ticket to move on to the next episode. I rlly wish i didnt have to spend money(for rubies) to be able to take the choices that i want to make as well :(((… ok, so yall want that cash grab, but did yall rlly have to make the amt of starter rubies so low?? I wanna be able to enjoy & immerse in the story and not be conscious of the amt of rubies i use up. That said, i love the romanceable charas n story’s quite enjoyable as well

I genuinely don’t have any regrets playing this, the story building was so good! Character development as well, and it’s also a way to show awareness for environment. I like the mc here too however I think Mc needs a little more character development mc wasn’t plain nor intriguing the Mc was average, that being said the story made up to what the characters lack and I’m really impressed about it! if this ever gets season 2 I’d definitely play again.

It is a great game but when the mini game is glitched out. I was earning points but now it says Can’t Play instead of Tap to Play. I am not sure if it is glitched or what but if it is please fix this problem I love your games.

Great concept, and the art and music are beautiful. I mainly just wish the heroine didn’t get flustered so easily. I also disliked Midori’s superficial sweet-talking. But Rei was wonderful, and I like that his responsible level-headedness defies the stereotype about redheads being mischievous.

It’s a fun game. Storyline and the characters are great. However, rubies are hard to get. That’s the only issue I have. But, other than that I recommend it!

i really like this game, the lore up to the characters details ( as expected of genius ) overall really nice and i look forward to more similar games in the future!

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