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Forever 21 user reviews :

You can’t scroll to look at anything for more than a few minutes. It just glitches and closes in the middle of browsing. Horrible. And they’re shipping is always messed up. Nothing is ever on time if you order.

AMAZING experience! Not only do they have good quality stuff for great prices, the bargains are amazing!! I got just under 50% off my purchase & I didn’t even need a promo code!! I also love the true fit size chart as it has been very accurate for me, unless I specifically want a bigger or smaller fit. They also ship really fast with standardnship. I was hesitant about getting an app as I like to save as much memory as I can, but IT’S TOTALLY WORTH IT FOR THE BARGAINS, ALOT OF ‘EM IN-APP ONLY.

While its significantly faster running than the web browser version there are two major problems with the app. 1) It crashes unexpectedly and you have to reopen the app and search for the same items again. 2) The promo codes cannot be applied on the app, at all. The 40% off coupon code for the app does not work, I know which items it applies to. I put in another code that applies perfectly fine on the web browser version, but not on the app. The app really needs some work. 2/5

The app discounts never work correctly for me. The first time, the code wouldn’t even apply. This time, the code applies but then when I click checkout, a completely incorrect total comes up that is nearly twice the cost of the 6 items I have in my cart. It makes no sense. I would love to use the app and get the discounts. Last time I placed an order, I ended up just going through the site. I will do the same this time, disappointed, again.

What happened? Did your tech people quit? Navigation is an absolute nightmare. The cart is a mess. Cant delete sold out items. The app lags. The overall look is just lazy. I just checked it now and all the pictures are zoomed in…Seriously, what happened? I really don’t want to try to find a store that actually has the plus size section. Just let me buy my stuff online please. I don’t know what’s happening, but fix it.

The clothes are super cute and all of that, but I get extremely annoyed at the app shutting down every few minutes. It’s tedious, and when I’m scrolling down window shopping, I don’t want to be interuppted by it closing off and sending me back to the home screen. I hope that this and the annoying wishlist bug can be fixed. The heart in the corner takes forever to show up black (letting you know you liked it.) Overall very buggy app.

Edit: Found gc box on site. Click on right box w/ total and scroll down. Could be easier to find. As other users have noticed, you can’t choose ship to store as your delivery option in the app. Even more aggravating, when you checkout on the website, you can’t use your gift card as a form of payment. So, you have to choose between paying an extra $6 to use your gift card or pay with card to save that fee. For all of that, I wouldn’t have even purchased the gift card in the 1st place. Please fix.

Cool idea since the website never works for me but now this glitches and freezes all the time. I’ll click the pic and then nothing pops up. I have to hit the back button then try it again. it also gives me the loading icon a lot. Much like a lot of what Forever 21 sells. Cute idea but cheap execution. Also make sure to disable the push notifications. I get them 5 times a day and it’s super annoying

The app is fine. Could be a little better to navigate and I wish there was a feature where I could make specific wish lists. I hate that you can only have one wish list and it’s limited to 100 items. The biggest issue I have is their shipping. If it says it will arrive in 5-10 days the company better make sure it gets there. My Thanksgiving dress is now useless because it won’t arrive until the day AFTER Thanksgiving and I made sure I ordered early. It took them five days to find and ship 2 items? Had they done it within a day or two like usual I wouldn’t have had an issue. Even when paying for expedited shipping my orders arrive late and they are based in LA so I don’t see why it’s so difficult.

Good app. But it needs to be re-decorated a little. for example, I clicked on shop and went on sale and it and it shows how it should be displayed either by category or shop whats hot. those buttons are simple white text and gray background. it should have some colour to it! Also, I wasnt too happy about how it was categorised. I was looking for a jacket in the male sale section, but it doesnt give me the option to actually chose what i want from the male sale section, so i have to look until it.

I love looking at clothes on this app. I’m picky, so it takes me a while to find what I like, but I do like a lot of the clothes here. Only problem I’ve found is that sometimes the colors in the pictures are incorrectly named. Once, a shirt labeled “apricot” was actually a shade of dark blue. Noticed this problem a few times. Update 9/8/2020: I also went down another star because I can’t make reviews. Whenever I type up a review and hit “Submit,” nothing happens.

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