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[Game] FreeCell Solitaire

FreeCell Solitaire Play the BEST FreeCell Solitaire game on your Android device, made by MobilityWare — the #1 Solitaire and card game developer!

FreeCell has a fresh new look on Google Play, featuring brand new goals for you to reach! We’ve also updated scoring, including a new Personal Best feature! Complete daily goals for XP! Level up and collect over 300 exclusive titles!

FreeCell Solitaire adds a new element of strategy & puzzles to the classic solitaire card game formula. Plan and strategize each move as you use the four free cell spots as placeholders to solve the puzzle of moving cards! Stack all 52 cards from a standard deck to win! Just like Klondike style games, you must move your cards by suit and ascending order. Precision and strategy are key in completing the FreeCell puzzle!


Play the fun and relaxing classic FreeCell Solitaire you know and love
Progress through challenging solitaire card puzzles with daily goals and challenges!
The game will highlight what cards can be moved in the stack of 52!
Choose between dragging and dropping cards or tapping on matches to make your moves!
The step by step tutorials will help you level up your FreeCell game!
Use the auto complete to finish puzzles and games you’ve conquered!
Need help? Use the unlimited hints and undo to find a path through the challenging card puzzle!

The classic game you love, modernized for 2019!
Over 300 titles to earn and collect!
Track your high scores across several games
Push for a new personal best with each card puzzle you solve
improve your play with deep statistics from each game

Play FreeCell how you want to
Over one million different games and card puzzles to solve!
Choose either portrait or landscape to play
Never lose a game with save states, even when the app closes!
Games stay fresh with random deals every time you play!

Train your brain with classic daily puzzles and challenges
For beginners and pros alike, FreeCell Solitaire offers addicting brain teasing puzzles to solve and conquer!
Instructions are included in the app. Use them to build the basis of your FreeCell Solitaire strategy!
Brain training with fun FreeCell Solitaire! Track your stats in the app and share them with others on Facebook!

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FreeCell Solitaire user reviews :

Improvements needed! I like Mobility Ware card games a lot, manly because of the card animations at the end of the games (by the way, I dislike the people animations) I play regularly Addiction, Aces Up, Solitaire, Spider and Free Cell Here are some much needed improvements: 1. Putting the buttons in the same place across all card games: the Spider positioning is best 2. Adding to the Statistics, how many times I made it to the Top 10 3. Adding the Only winning games option to the Settings menu

I’ve played daily for several years and didn’t mind the ads. However in the last month or so the ads have become impossible to close, forcing you to close the game and restart – after every single game. I’ve reported the issue and sent screenshots but the problem persists so I’ve reluctantly uninstalled. There really needs to be a one-off purchase option to remove the ads, a monthly subscription model for a game of freecell is absurd.

  • Our ad policy is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, so each ad should present a method of closure shortly after playing (X, »» – etc). In the event that you’ve encountered an ad that misbehaves, please reach out via Settings » Support and provide the ID MW-1389018. This will provide us with info we need to address the issue.

I don’t mind the ad’s. I get that they help keep the game running. I’m nit a fan of having levels and achievements etc. Takes up time after each game. I just want to pkay some Freecell with the bare minimum of interruption. Genuinely a good freecell app. Just really can’t see why we need to level up and have events. I’m sure some people enjoy this game mechanic. I’m not one of them.

  • Hi Gareth, Thanks for the review. We appreciate your feedback! Our team is always looking for ways to improve our apps, so we really appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with any additional suggestions or feedback you have to share with our team. Thanks for playing!

I seem drawn to games I can win in about 5 minutes. This qualifies. I have had no issues with bugs. I do suggest that the 250 star award could be earned by having an excellent result of time and moves, as well as given automatically based on the quantity of games played. It would provide a goal while playing every game, beyond the specific goals you set up. (And I like that I can see your office when I drive through Irvine, CA.)

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