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[Game] Freeze Rider

Freeze Rider  Ever dreamed of being an ice surfer and freeze your way to the top ?! Well now, you can!

With your new free casual game, Freeze rider, you will have the amazing power of throwing ice everywhere to create virtual ramps and slide on it for hours of fun.

Discover many beautiful environments, collect as much ice as you can to go as high as you can to then slide as far as you can! Guaranteed fun through this never-seen before new sliding experience.

Here is a list the features of your new free casual game:

Beautiful graphics
Many fun characters and skins to unlock along the way
100% free game
Fun and addictive gameplay
Easy controls
For adults and kids!

Now it’s time to collect ice cubes and be the best ice surfer you can. Enjoy and don’t catch a cold

Freeze Rider user reviews :

The game is very fun and i really liked it. But i gave it only 4 stars because when you finished a level, at the end it will give you an emoji based on how well you did it or things like that. And when I didnt do really well in the game or I get low scores, it gave me a emoji which I personally feel like the game is laughing at me for not doing well. I know its a stupid reason but for me it is kind of annoying. Overall this game is nice and its really addicting to play to.

I don’t think anyone knows, but there’s this glitch were you can get a command sheet to kinda control the game, like giving yourself 100000 coins or getting 50 keys or unlocking every skin in the game and a lot more. You need to fix this. It appears only sometimes and is on mobile. If you pull the top of the screen very fast it will sometimes appear. But anyways, GREAT GAME!!!! 5 STARS!!!!

I really really like this game so far I’ve only been playing it for a couple minutes and it’s already amazing I like the reward of being able to get like a slider thing that you click and it does the thing I don’t know at any rate if you like games that are in your grasp and you can like change where they go by the flick of a wrist you will love this game

It’s a good game but no setting to change the language it is in a random language. Edit:it magicly fixed itself to English After I wrote the review also I think you just have to beat level 2 or 3. But still only 4 stars for the trouble, also make sure there isnt a update because it may also be that. I hope I helped

Ok, this game is fun. But srsly. Fix the glitch where when the new skin percentage goes up to hundred and we atleast GET THE FRICKIN SKIN! It’s so annoying! And If u could remove the prices of buying skins or roads a little bit. U have to grind for atleast one hour to get 5000 coins. Tbh I’m kinda disappointed.

This game is pretty good the reason is because… you can just get addicted very easily the only problem is you just do the same thing over and over… they should add newer and cooler stuff but after all I think this is a great… game

Okay so i do recommend this game but like if it asks you if you want to get extra coins by a video and you Preston know thinks it’s still makes you watch that video other than that it’s really fun game for me maybe not for other people but it’s a little difficult but it’s actually really fun

I like this game and I’m level 101 but it was really hard because there were so many glitches and slow movements also the ads were really glitchy so I only have 7 or 8 characters so can you please fix the game so I can accomplish getting the whole collection of characters and the ice?

wonderful game it’s a fun time waster and just a overall good game not to many ads the only thing from me is that sometimes it glitches But you should definitely download it if your looking for a time waster.

This is one from the best offline games ever because it is offline and you can get a legendary character so easy and when you win you will jear a so cool music if there was 10 stars i will make it 10 stars so awesome game download it i stay q hour playing with it

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