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[Game] Galactic Colonies

Galactic Colonies  Download the game for free and start exploring the galaxy!

Galactic Colonies is a game about exploring space and building colonies. Explore a procedurally generated universe with thousands of planets.

Every colony starts small. Start by providing housing and food for your colonists before you exploit a planet’s natural resources. Set up factories and create advanced high-tech products to make your colony grow even bigger.

Discover tropical, desert and ice planets and help your colonists survive on harsh, alien worlds.


Explore a procedurally generated universe
Find and colonize alien planets
Research new powerful technologies
Set up complex production pipelines
Beautiful 3D graphics
Upgrade and improve your colony ship
Endless hours of fun. How far can you explore?

Galactic Colonies user reviews :

Addictive and a really nice way to kill time. It’s possible to play the game without spending and the levels so far are easily completed. I am still only lvl 10 only having played for a few hours. I hope that there are more tasks to complete when building each colony as the levels progress. One of the better building games out there I think. Definitely worth giving it a go. Thanks Galactic Colonies team.

every planet plays exactly the same, dissapointing because if they took it back to the drawing board, they could unlock the hidden potential of this game. Also, in my opinion, this game would need to adopt a buy to play model to achieve that, but greed stumped its growth.

I really like the game. At level 25, now I’m bored. each planet, the same a couple of tasks that reqire nothing more than the patience and time to raise enough money to complete. The sectors should be more interactive, sharing resources between each planet, with sector goals requiring tasks to becompleted on each world combined to move forward, going back and between your colonies to get it all done.There just needs to be more. Aliens, disasters, or meteors to deal with. Relieve the monotony.

So far I’m really enjoying this game, I’m on sector 7 at level 14. I am finding it a bit slow to open new tiles as the increased cost is rather high but I think research points in the right places will help lower the cost as I move on. I have 1 small annoyance, the inventory is only accessible when you are on an active planet, but it’s not a game breaker. One of the best games I’ve ever found on android.

Nice enough game, simple enough, but not too simple. Good graphics. Easy interface. Unfortunately, connectivity to the game server was almost always down making the claiming or spending of rewards almost impossible and thus the game ultimately unplayable, Might consider returning to it if they fixed that.

I’ve been playing for about 10 hours now and I’m really enjoying this game. Gets a little monotonous (What mobile game doesn’t?) but this is one of the more unique and interesting strategy games on the store. Exactly the kind of game I’ve been looking for.

Pretty good resource management game. One issue I’ve had is where pressing the “research complete” notification seems to restart the research I’ve supposedly just completed. I recommend people disable notifications until fixed if, like me, you have a reflex when it comes to tapping the push notification.

Base on my experience of playing this game,its may be free at first look,but you cant progress if you not spend money on it,even if you do,its not guaranteed that you will progress,game hsve bug on mission 2 where you cannot unlock fsctory even if you have all resources for that and complete everything you have to to unlock that building,game keep showing that you must move some ore to warehouse…i did and?….nothing happened….i email to moderators…but looks problem still exists…so..

Just one problem: the ground isn’t loading in properly. Revealed areas are just trees and rocks sticking up out of the same cloudy texture used for unrevealed areas. Other than this graphical glitch though, nice little game.

Great game. Exploration and construction becomes expensive fast. Research also takes considerable time at later stages. Good skill tree.

This is a great resource management game. Simple in principle with a good puzzle aspect. Very fun and just what I was looking for

A good game to relax and enjoy, try it out. I give it a 5 star.

Super fun and addictive. Its like a space construction sim

This game is great. However, there are three things that I think could easily it better. First off, is having reasearch give you XP. Second is having left over money and resources from your colony give you XP. For instance, every 750 times your level money gives 1 XP. Finally, I would like to be able to see the entire leader board, not just people close to me. Thanks for making a great game! Keep up the great work.
  • MetalPop Games
  • Thank you so much for your review! We are still adding and improving things. Better leader board functionality is on our to-do list!

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