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[App] Galaxy Light Live Wallpaper

Galaxy LightGalaxy Light live wallpaper, beautiful light emits from the galaxy core.

If you like this wallpaper, please support us by purchasing pro version with more themes and features.

Beautiful galaxy scenes
3 galaxy themes
Use 3D hardware to render images, save battery
Support most resolutions including Android 3.0 tablet
Android 4.0 ICS ready

Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

Note: It is live wallpaper so you can’t open the app, you will need to follow the instruction above in order to set the wallpaper.

If you have put the app on SD card and restarted the phone, the wallpaper will reset to default since the system couldn’t find the app first.

1. Why is there “Internet access” permission?
It is for Google ads on setting screen only, nothing else. Pro version is ads free with more features.

2. Wallpaper resets to default after reboot/restart the phone?
Please move the app to phone instead of SD card.

Galaxy Light user reviews :

I like the way this wallpaper looks.

I like this app the images look so amazing

The image looks great. It’s very clear and it’s really nice to look at. Maybe add more colour variants. Also you could have random meteors fly across the screen and in the settings, you can change how frequent they are and which way they fly across the screen, or have them fly in any direction, just an idea tho

Best wall paper ever people should get this I like this wall paper alot

Easy on battery and gpu. Perfect!

This App reminds me of a star I saw in the east one night.. I had to give it 5. Google images, and descriptions of ” the heavenly sanctuary”, and see the similarities of the glory description by Adventist Ellen White of the heavenly sanctuary, and thus replica of the star of Bethlehem.

Beautiful live wallpaper. Must have for every phone. If in your upcoming updates, you can enhance the graphics and smoothness, that will be much appreciated. 5*

No Ad junk, can change the colors up. Splendid looking wallpaper. 4th phone I’ve had it on

I love this live wallpaper. It kicks butt!

It’s really good and it looks pretty real and brings my phone to life……..I had to give it 5 stars obviously.

Every one are giving good comments even they are downloading this app 2 copy cat lol. A very nice app

I’ve looked at other apps that look similar to this, but I really enjoy this one the most!

Everybody compliments on my wallpaper. They’re even downloading it as well.. Copycats. Lol. But I change the colors here and there. Greatest wallpaper.

I have to say its amazing I have never seen this so download this app!!!

Great looking image…worth the download

I like it. How do you change the colors though?

I like the way that it changes often. Do not see that i would get bored with it. Also appears as if i can keep an eye on my wifi bettet

I like ir but it needs more than 3 colors but it downloads fast on my phone so it good.

I really love this, it is my favorite wallpaper!! I hesitate to buy the pro version only because of one thing… You can’t save your custom colors! If you could add a feature to save colors, I will definitely buy the full version!

Its a really good app but it would be better if they had more than just 3 colour options.

It looks good enough on my Galaxy Nexus. It is lacking HD resolution on my Nexus 7. Definitely worth checking out.

This wallpaper just looks absolutely gorgeous and it doesn’t take too much RAM

I like the colours and effects but i was dissapointed when my accelerometer did not rotate anything

Looks good and runs very smooth! I just wish there was another color for the free version other than blue.

At first I didn’t think there was much to this app, but now I am so grateful for its awesomeness! And you can’t beat the price! Free! Thank you!

I’m not much into live wallpapers because I am so battery-conservation-minded. But I thought I would give this app a try. After looking at the reviews, I think I may have a winner in all areas that concern me the most as far as an app running on my devices. It really looks and runs very nicely on my Ellipse 7 tablet. So far, I give it five stars and will follow-up later to let you know my overall rating in a few days from now.

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