Skater Boy – Performing various tricks in the air

[Game] Skater Boy

Skater BoySpeeding Up, Jumping,performing various tricks in the air and landing safety. The game “Skater boy” is so easy
but super fun.

You only need to accelerate or jump over the obstacles on the road and get the scores as possible as you can.

The way to play is very easy.
Tap the two bottoms on the screen (The right one is accelerating and the other one is jumping).Show some cool

tricks in the air can get extra points.


Clear and simple pictures
3 different terrains
90 cool and addictive levels.
Various cool tricks.
More levels are coming soon.

Skater Boy user reviews :

It’s a game I really like alot, I often see myself drawn to it alot..but I really wish the game had more bug fixes because some levels its really impossible to play especially the cemetery scene. I would’ve liked this game to have additional features like a range of skate boards to choose from or challenge series where u race others.. Something like that, something addictive. Overall I love it alot but it has the potential to be my favorite game if the developers can go all out on it

My son loves this game so much but in the third pack that is the cemetery pack the level 7 their is a problem there. After the first checkpoint,there is a place there that there is one light that is three we can’t jump it because the skate is touching after jumping then the person will lose we have tried it more than 50 times but it won’t go but assuming it was the bicycle one we would have jumped it you should adjust the light there. I just put 5stars because I like it.

This game is just like BMX Boy with the same graphics and controls just the obstacles and levels are different but lots of fun and good in it’s prime for the first time I’ve played it. It also filled lots of memories, I’m very happy to to revisit the game and for playing the game from along time ago. It’s kinda funny because I don’t even remember when I stopped playing all the games maybe 2018

It is the best game ever. It controls is so easy. It graphics and qualities are also good. There are many levels that we can enjoy. But why I am giving 4 star there are only 4 places that I already completed. You should update this game that people will attract in your games so please add places.

There is a bug a 09/3, after 3rd checkpoint, you have to on a broken Bus but no matter how I jump it’s always game over and i am stuck in this level for long time and can’t go to next level. I’m not sure if you guys are still active but please fix this bug.

I totally agree with the others. It is quite fun to play, just that the cemetery scene could use some fixing, cuz its SO hard. Correction…its impossible to jump over the lights.

This game is superb means the unique, many interesting ideas and funny and the ads don’t disturb while playing and in this probably there are no ads to disturb. The thing which I like is checkpoint means if we lost aur first chance after the checkpoint we do not won’t to restart the level . This game is very nicee and I suggest to try this game !!

It is very adventerous and exciting game.but sometimes u may feel that some levels r little difficult. after trying them, frequently it may be easy for u and it would be more and most better if u add some more levels in it.and i am sure that kids will be the fans and addictors to this game if it is in advanced version so i advice the management to do so

i’ve been playing this game since I was a little one. I love this game very much. but the reason why I didn’t give the last star is because of the Ads. I don’t like the fact of ads,ads and ads. But the Ads do not disturb you while playing. but the game is really fun. install it and trust me you will like it. thank me later…….xoxo

Hey. Please add new players and new skateboards and also new levels and other cool stuff… That way you can make money by players buying them instead of unlocking them through challenges or whatever. Then you can remove the advertising!

So i used to play this game back in the 13s (2013) when I got my first smartphone and really enjoyed playing it. And 1 day, I thought I want to play this game. I even didn’t remembered its name only skating and runner games. So i searched skating runner games and with couple of scroling I found it. I was soooo happy. I installed it right away and I play it EVERYDAY with a couple of more games that i used to play at that time. Its one of my favourite games. You really deserve 5 stars. Good Job.

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