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GameStopWe’ve leveled up! The all-new GameStop app was built with you in mind, with a completely new redesigned experience that makes all things shopping for gamers even easier.

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Discover the best products for any gamer and get to know everything about them upfront with ratings and rich details.

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Want to be a Pro? Becoming a PowerUp Rewards Pro member takes you to the highest level of gamer rewards possible! Get 10,000 points upon enrollment and earn 2X points for each dollar spent on every purchase. Pros also receive a ton of other perks like Pro-early access to exclusive events and offers, monthly reward certificates, 10% extra trade-in credit on games, accessories and gear, as well as a subscription to Game Informer. Stockpile and manage your points to use whenever you’d like.

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Order directly through the app and choose delivery methods that suit you and your schedule. Whether that’s getting things shipped right to your door, picking up your online order in-store, or getting same day delivery on certain products, you choose what works best for you. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way so you can track your orders and view your purchase history.


Sell your electronics and games for cash or credit.

GameStop user reviews :

App doesn’t start, keeps getting error message “Something went wrong” with option to restart. Restart repeats error. Well they’ve fixed that issue, but now I can’t log in, and it won’t send me the pw reset email that it claims to have sent. How hard is it to make a functional app in 2023? Update: decreasing to one star because now my order history is blank. Can’t see anything about the order I’m expecting delivered.

I had issues with a product online and the upper management took control of the situation to make sure it was resolved. Very unexpected and solid hence the 2*. Other than that, I have issues everytime I want to check out using something other than my direct bank as well as using the rewards I earned. Literally everytime i go to buy and i have to call to have it figured out. The customer service is fairly inconsistent at times. So, a loss of good business for them. Could be doing things better!

Overall great shopping experience! Most things are easily searched and found. My issues are you have the trade-in page buried so badly I don’t ever want to trade anything in. It’s hard to find, it’s not easily searched and clarity on values is bad. The other issue I have is trying to pre order a game there is no clear understanding that the online preorder is no money down and it makes you feel as if you have to pay to pre order through the app. Other than that a stellar app.

Great redesign. The ui is clean, and I love the game informer integration. One point of feedback is for computer sales, it should be easier to view the full specs. I want to see the ram, the speed, the cpu, the graphics card, the hard drive, the whole deal. Other than that I’m enjoying the app.

Cart sometimes has issues refreshing correctly. A “save for later” option would also be nice to have rather than just having to remove something from the cart to checkout with particular items. Additionally, can’t see actual reviews of items, just how many stars they have. Other than that, a solid app for finding games and accessories you are looking for.

It seems with each update I as an end user am losing functionality, or it’s much harder to find. Preorders, for instance, are not as easily accessible, and at the time of this review, I don’t actually know where they are. Trade-ins also bounce you out to the site instead of staying in the app, which makes it even harder to get values on. The searching and buying improves, but overall quality for me drops with each update. Hopefully they’ll work toward the best of both worlds.

So before the recent update it kinda sucked that when you clicked on something you wanted to look at, you could never click on the image and make it bigger or look at other images. It never had that option. Now it does and I’m so glad it does! BUT if I’m scrolling through the games to a certain point, it won’t show me anymore, it will show other games for a split second and then it will go back up to that certain spot.

Overall, a fairly good app, but still way too buggy sometimes. Unable to access the cart temporarily is one of them. It will give an error saying unable to access cart or something like that. The app is still rather clunky, not as fluid, or fast as Walmarts app or Amazon’s for example. But you can still accomplish most of your needs without being impeded too often.

It’s a pretty good app. I would change a couple things just for a more personal experience. I would have a list of pre-order games and when the date would be available for pre-order. More notification settings to notify when a game on your list is a week and/or a couple days from release. A ship to home store option and a quicker option to pull up rewards card for in-store.

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