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Garbage TycoonWelcome to the world of Idle Garbage Tycoon – the game where garbage is your ticket to becoming the ultimate tycoon in the realm of idle gaming!

This is a placement simulation idle game, which is FREE, easy, and relaxed. Even offline, you can earn cash and gold. The portrait control mode makes it easy to dive in wherever you are.

Garbage is no longer just rubbish here; it’s a wealth full of value. With your management, your factory cleans up the streets filled with trash, recycles waste, and then disposes of it in a safe way, contributing to environmental protection.

Trash Transformed
Witness the magic as trash turns into treasure with just a tap! Manage an automated recycling system that continues to generate money even when you’re not playing. Every piece of garbage holds the potential for profit.

Workshop Upgrades
The efficiency of your factory’s workshop determines how much money you can earn. This casual game requires a bit of strategy: upgrade the transfer or the landfill, which one will get more money?

Labor Cooperative
Properly recycling a piece of garbage requires a precise division of labor and cooperation among employees. Recruiting the right employees will greatly increase your factory’s efficiency.

Various Trucks
Each type of truck has its own use. You need to continuously expand your fleet to increase the operational efficiency of your factory.

If you’re a fan of idle, puzzle, and mini games, then you definitely shouldn’t miss out on this waste recycling factory-themed game. This game is both casual and involves a bit of strategy, all while embodying our initial intention towards environmental protection.

Download now and dive into the world where your quest from waste to wealth begins with each tap – solidify your position as the ultimate garbage tycoon!

Garbage Tycoon user reviews :

Fun, well optimized, until Level 4. Suddenly zero progress is made as R Points are no longer as abundant and using Gems is the only currency that isn’t available. Money is in the millions but everything is locked behind level 3 walls. I really enjoyed this game until the ceiling cap. It’s not bad, the sounds and progress of unlocking the new areas are great! Even making money from the objects in the break room. Still, I’m going to uninstall it now because it’s run into a brick wall

Not bad in comparison to other games of a similar style, not a ton of ads, but incredibly difficult to play without eventually having to spend cash or watch a bunch of them. The ads aren’t terribly long, but I download games to play the game, not watch the ads. No indication the ad removal will be for all or just forced.

This is like a lot of other management games I’ve played. Easy enough to pick up but it gets quite boring for me after a while. Ads aren’t forced and not long so getting rewards from watching ads are easy enough. All in all it’s okay but I can’t see myself playing for long

Addicting for a short time but after a bit you need certain points to upgrade things along with NPCs to boost stats on stuff which you can only get by watching countless ads and hoping you get said character you need. Then hope you get more to upgrade them along as well. Or just pay for everything with real life money.

Last udate broke it on my phone. Samsung Galaxy a22 5G. It load screen loads. Then the screen freeze as the game starts and show the harbor. It freeze the entire phone and crashes after about a minute so the phone can be used again.

I think any game that gets you stuck in an infinite loophole doing the same thing over and over again is a horrible game and all they want is your money this is one of those games unless you stay on the game for 24 hours and watch all ads you need to pay diamonds to level up and again like it’s cliche they don’t give you enough diamonds to keep on playing eventually this will become like another game I play you log in do what you can do even if the only thing you can do is collect cash

So far so good! Smooth, even, steady integration game play. More time will bring more sufficient refinement to my ability to judge it more accurately. Yet, it has earned the effort to get my attention!

It’s a great tycoon game that keeps you busy. You don’t have to wait for hours to buy something

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