Gem Blast – Collect as many gems as possible

[Game] Gem Blast – Magic Match Puzzle

Gem Blast  Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle

Collect as many gems as possible to break Lily’s curse & set her free! Use boosters to break more blocks and solve tricky puzzles! An exciting block blast game awaits!


Tap 2 or more gems of the same color that are adjacent to each other.
The gem blocks will descend to the bottom.
Once the same-colored gems are adjacent to ladybugs, there will be a massive explosion!
Collect as many blocks as possible to solve the levels!
Help Lily break the curse that turned her into a cat!

Numerous boosters & new levels!
NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! Enjoy free block puzzle games anytime, anywhere!
Distinct boosters, like ladybugs and butterflies, are available for maximized gaming experience!

Catchy sound effects & visuals suitable for everyone

Enjoy Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle on smartphones & tablets.
Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle is free to play, however, in-app items are available for purchase.

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It’s time to join a magic block match adventure!

Gem Blast user reviews :

Game is challenging but not impossible. Ads but not too excessive and doesn’t download apps without your knowledge like some games I’ve played. I like that as you get to higher levels it allows you the option to watch an ad for extra turns instead of using a life, coins or buying anything. You get to decide if losing a life is worth watching a full ad. I uninstall games when the ads are too excessive or the levels are impossible without spending money, so far no reason to uninstall!

The ads are not long which I like. The game itself is challenging at times but not frustrating enough to say I quit. I gave it 4 stars instead of five so far cuz the winning stars at the end of each win is minimal. If u decide to use some of your stars to replay I find it too many. I only started playing a few days ago so hopefully the winning stars double each winning game.

This game is cute and fun, but the amount of ads is crazy. I realize that free games make their money from ads, however, an ad after nearly every single level is absolutely ridiculous and totally unnecessary. Therefore, I only gave 3 stars due to the amount of ads. If you all choose to adjust the number of ads, I will come back and change my rating to a better one. Let me just tell you that I never ever click on ads and I never ever will, no matter how many you run. Aggravating!!

I don’t know why but I seem to enjoy this match game more than most. Ads aren’t bad and levels can get tougher the more you play but not impossible to beat. Would recommend this to anyone looking for a match game that is actually enjoyable. this was enjoyable until it for to the point the level was unbeatable. then it became no fun. I take away 2 stars and am uninstalling.

Where’s level 1901? It’s a great game as it’s not all flashy and in your face like most of these games and has tons of diffferent features and obstacles as you progress through the levels. i turn my internet off, before i load it up, which gets rid of the add banner and makes it a little harder but still got my daily reward without internet and i never had to spend any real cash which is nice. Shame you can’t replay it But keeping it installed for a while juuust in case any new levels are added

I love all of this developer’s games! However, the ads are so annoying! I believe games have increased the amount of ads just to get players to purchase ad free options! There are some of us who are living below poverty level now and can’t afford purchases such as these while playing FREE games!

At level 431, I find the difficulties are just right, hope it doesn’t get to unbeatable levels causing stress and raise my BP. However, coins rewarded are minimal and expensive to buy better boosters within the game or to get extra moves. The gifts from gift box barely have inside game boosters. Help section should have description of boosters use and how to get them. Overall, its an entertaining game at my current level.

Nice, fun game. There are lots of ads, one at the end of each level. This is annoying, but you only have to wait about 5 seconds and you can close them out. It would be nice if the developer cut down on the frequency. I know that’s how games are free, but it’s a whole bunch of ads. Otherwise, this is a really cute, fun and seemingly easy game. I’m only 50 levels in, so it could get much harder.

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