Gems and Magic – A blitz clash between of crystals and your brain will be royal

[Game] Gems and Magic

Gems and MagicGems and Magic : PLAY A NEW HOT ADVENTURE PUZZLE GAME!

This is not another “match-3 game” or a dull mahjong!

New game mechanics and many levels of cool gameplay. A blitz clash between of crystals and your brain will be royal!

In the game, you need to move the hexes with gems, collecting the whole picture. When the gems are connected they light up, and if all the gems on the field begin to shine – BOOM! you match a beautiful puzzle.

Collect animals, fish, stars, equipment, figures, toys and treasures! It’s just an blast of fantasy! The game has a lot of challenging levels that will force you to strain up your brain or use hints. The game is better than match-3, isn’t it?

Gems and Magic is absolutely free.


Not match-3 game, no mahjong, no tapper – a unique game that will help you increase your IQ
More than 100 puzzling levels of saga, and new ones on the way
Unpredictable pictures. What kind of object is hidden on the hexes: cat, star, fish, candy, toy, treasure, or maybe a tank or a robot? Collect all the unique levels and discover all the secrets!
Useful game – the brain strains, the IQ grows!
An adventure with cool graphics and relaxing music – the best rest is guaranteed
The game will not make you angry like a red bird. Instead, you will be the king of your free time.
With Gems and Magic You, do not need to run anywhere, like a hot dog. Instead, you can play at home, in the subway, at work or in your garden and discover colorful pictures and scapes, rather than surf the Internet

NEW LEVELS are coming soon!

Gems and Magic user reviews :

Use up energy to quickly so you can’t play long even if you solve the puzzles. Not sure how much longer I will play this game because of this flaw.
  • Ice StormApril 30, 2018
  • Thank you for your feedback and three stars! The limited energy in the game is part of the balance of the game, but this is not a problem because it is being restored over time, and you can also speed this process by watching commercials. Excellent mood for you!
Love it but wish there was more energy
  • Ice StormApril 25, 2018
  • Thank you for the smart assessment and feedback! Good game, enjoy!
Pretty good game. The only down fall is that once you have used all the shards you either wait a long time to get 1 shard or have to use money to buy shards to progress the game…
  • Ice StormMarch 19, 2018
  • Very grateful for your feedback and evaluation! We are trying for you, and you will support us with stars
I updated to the new version. Wish i hadnt. Dont get clues and asks for power to get through each spot on a level. Normally – 2 when i have a total of 5 in power
  • Ice StormMarch 13, 2018
  • Very grateful for your feedback and evaluation! We are trying for you, and you will support us with stars
Very good and brain game
  • Ice StormMarch 10, 2018
  • Many thanks to you for choosing our game! We appreciate it and will continue to please you!
Easy to learn but hard to master. It challenges your brain and provides hours of fun. A very well made game. Well done developers
  • Ice StormJanuary 28, 2018
  • We are grateful to you for supporting our game with an excellent rating! Enjoy!

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