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[App] Gladdy – Diary, Mental Practice

GladdyGLADDY – is an efficient tool for your mental well-being, it combines carefully tailored mental health approaches and practices: passcode protected diary, mood tracker, mental practices. Altogether fused into a beautifully designed single app, where Gladdy acts like your personal, emotional health assistant, that enjoys your achievements and gives you a hand when you are in need to.

Diary and Emotion Tracker

For your healthier and happier mind keep a diary: save precious memories, know and understand yourself better.
Add stories of what’s important to you the most: relationship, travelling, work or any other aspect of your life, associate it with your current mood, so that Gladdy will analyze your records to detect your emotional triggers. Explore the patterns in your mood by checking statistical graphs to help you better understand your thoughts and feelings.

Your wellness, self-understanding and mindfulness matters to Gladdy the most, If Gladdy notices that you need a support it will encourage you with some inspiring words or offer you to take one of powerful daily metal practices to improve you mental well-being and cheer you up.

Mental Practices

Gladdy awards you with a medal for completing daily practice.


Represents a powerful idea: The obstacles that you think most prevent you from fulfilling your wishes can actually help you to reach them.

Follow four steps of WOOP: wish – outcome – obstacle – plan to:

Enable you to achieve goals and solve specific problems.
Find solutions to problems.
Improve social behaviour.
Build sustaining relationships.


Praising yourself you helps to shape positive self-talk in your mind, these are the positive messages that you are telling yourself.

Daily self praising journaling helps to:

Focus on yourself, your own strength.
Concentrate on your success.
Fight fear of failure.
Replace negative thoughts with positive ones.


Gratitude is simply taking time to think about all the positive things in your life and write it down to Gladdy journal.

Daily gratitude journaling can:

Make you more optimistic.
Help you make friends.
Improve your physical health.
Improve your sleep.

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Gladdy user reviews :

Beautiful clean and minimalist interface. Daily interaction with yourself and reflection of the day along with mood tracking options is great. Self help activities are amazing. A truly good app Masha Allah without putting people behind a paywall to use it. Keep doing the good work.

This is an super awesome and simple app I truly love it

Love the app! It would be amazing if there was a way to backup data and export data without logging in though.

Really intresting app and interface is awesome. It just like assistant help to maintain order of events, it help in use the app.

  • Aditya, Thanks for your feedback!

This app is great completely free its already giving me motivation and changing my point of views in such a positive way I struggle with mental health and this app is just amazing seriously recommend this app!

Broke and won’t let me me add a story after the first day

Very nice app. Design is superb. We can manage diary for Daily activities also we can write our emotion.

Very cute and easy to use …. Totally love it… And FREEE!!! Some graphics are like Reflecly app cute! Nice!

Helpful, beautiful, simple, easy to use. Could use a couple more activities

Just the perfect app for daily activities track and to do list planner

This app is pretty good! but i don’t really use it as a diary but more as a cool notepad

Clean Ui. Smooth Interaction and Easy to Use. Try to Bring More Useful Options.

A must needed app for today’s time.. really great app and easy to use

It’s a good app to express or emotions in it

Gladdy acts like your personal, emotional health assistant, that enjoys your achievements!

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