Gladiator Glory – Become the greatest gladiator

[Game] Gladiator Glory – Duel PVP Arena Fighting Warriors

Gladiator Glory   The warriors! The Gladiator! The Glory!

Ancient egyptian games contain all of that. Upgrade gladiator with sword and armor and go to the bloody games. Challenge your rivals with 1v1 duel. Earn glory and money in every epic battle.

This is a fighting game. You will face brutal enemies. Play pve or pvp modes. Pvp games are duels: you will have a 1v1 fight with another gladiator. Slash all warriors in pvp rating and become the greatest gladiator of egypt games! God of arena sounds cool. And it is possible to achieve such title.

PvE mode contains exciting trip in ancient Egypt. Start your journey by fighting on every arena. Be careful: upgrade your sword and armor to win all brutal warriors! You will fight in different modes: 1v1, 1 wave in battle, several waves, kills count and others. Fighting games don’t sleep: you can have battle in middle of day or at night. It doesn’t matter. Brutal gladiator always ready to spill some blood.

What else can you see in this action rpg game: various choice of armor, many options of weapons: you can choose sword, spear, knife or another variant. Train your skills, improve your armor with iron and crush your enemies in bloody games on arena!

What kind of difficulties are you ready for? Can you fight 1v1 on ancient ship full of enemies? Can you stay against 3 waves of different opponents? You will receive all answers on bloody arena by killing other gladiators in every fight!

Do you know what characteristics you need first: strength, vitality or dexterity? Each of them influence several other abilities such as critical damage, heath, evasion and others. You will need to discover what type of gladiator you want to be.

Did you dream about fighting games with blood? You dream come true. Play this action rpg game and have a great time!

Gladiator Glory user reviews :

The game is dope! Lots of action and the weapons are are awesome! The second version is definitely better than the first. I’ll be playing this for a while! Haven’t found the weapons yet but i like swords and axes. Maybe a long ax

I enjoy this game. There are things that can improve. Its enjoyable if you like that era in history. 5 star because its my type of genre. That God of War feel and Sparta

This game is really good specially because it’s a mobile game it’s very fun! And the graphics are really good the gameplay everything is good so that’s why I gave it a 5 star rating!

Character could be a bit more agile. Can’t wait for new weapons and gear! Nice follow up to gladiator glory. Needs a morningstar or war hammer!

Why does the AI health go back to full when I use my power up, or I guess that’s what it is. But mine doesn’t when they do. Makes no since. Plus the game is unfair in that they can block your power shots but you can’t and stand no chance when AI uses theirs. You will die automatically. The power up issue is starting to make me mad. I used it 3 times on one guy and did nothing to him. Used his once and killed me imidiatly. Not away keep players.

Very interactive, kind of realistic, love the desigins on the shields and the weapons, in my opinion, the duel mode is more of a challange than the AI oppenents, but overall a good game and for sure a new favrioute mobile game

This game is good only as a side game. Cons: you have to buy the gear in order to win the PvP duels. The system of chest is pathetic… Gives the same stuff again and again (even the costly chests). Repetive levels. Only 3 arenas. Same gladiators. No audience. Powerups suck. Controls are useless. No special evasive maneuvers. No training room or customisation of the player available. Same 4armours, 3swords, 6shields, 2spears that’s it. And the worst no health bar.

Lots of fun. Keeps me entertained and has a cool storyline.

This is good game. But it have no jump. And a bit hard to doggie. Hope can improve. Overall it still awesome

Great game to get your mind of things , also has a nice collection of weapons as you progress , Kopis

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