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Glass WidgetsGlass Widgets is a set of basic home screen widgets.

The widgets are designed to provide you with the most important information at a glance, yet still allow you to enjoy your wallpaper.

You can add as many Glass Widgets to your home screen as you have room for.
Each widget can be configured to show a mix of content, including:

News (RSS/Atom feeds and Google News)

There are two widget sizes available: The standard 4×1 and the large 4×3.


All the widgets are semi-transparent, with a nice smoked glass look. The paid version will allow you to change the tint and transparency of the widgets as you wish.


1) I can’t find the widgets. Can you help?
The widgets don’t show up in the app-drawer. Instead, they can be found in the widget-drawer. On some devices widgets can be added by tapping and holding on an empty space on the home screen.

3) How do I change the settings for a widget?
By default the widgets has two hotspots in the upper and lower left corner. If you tab the upper left corner of the widget, the setting screen for that widget will open. If you tab the lower left corner, the widget will refresh itself. You can change the hotspots to do something else in the settings screen, but I recommend keeping one of the corners assigned to open the settings.

4) The new version broke my old widgets. What do I do?
Glass Widgets recently received a large update from version 2.4.0 to 3.x.
As part of the update, the previous widgets (Clock, Calendar, News) was replaced with just two configurable widgets, a small 4×1 widget and a large 4×3 widget. Unfortunately this also broke the old widgets, and you’ll need to remove then from you home screen and then add new ones instead. If you run into problems I recommend uninstalling any old versions of Glass Widgets and re-installing the new version from scratch. If you find that the new version just doesn’t work for you, or you prefer the old one, I’ve uploaded that version to the Play Store under the name ‘Glass Widgets Classic.’

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Glass Widgets user reviews :

Always used to work! Now I’m on a pixel 4a & Android 11, it doesn’t even show up in the apps list on the phone! The widget shows but when you drag & drop, it just shows error & won’t let you do anything! I liked it, not this version! Sorry!

This is one of the simplest and most useful widgets I have ever used. It is beautiful too. It goes with any theme or wallpaper (I bought the full version that has transparent background). It works well in Android 9 and 10. Hopefully it will work in Android 11 too.

Used to be awesome if you wanted to have widgets but still a usable background. Now doesn’t work. OnePlus 7T Pro Android 12.

I got a new phone and it doesn’t work on Android 12 – just shows “error”. App is amazing back when it worked.. Seems to be abandoned

Great app. Beautiful widgets with customizable hot-spots. Unfortunately the app appears to be abandoned.

It is only only Widget I still use. If scrolling doesn’t work in a MIUI phone, turn off MIUI optimisations.

Great app, but I noticed that the temperature info doesn’t render any longer.

One of a kind productivity enhancement, but throws an error on my new oppo phone

loved this but it stopped working on latest Android update

It’s just simple and looks good

Finally a nice looking widget

I used to LOVE this app. But IT APPEARS that this app is no longer being supported by the author. He links to a non-existing Goggle+ site and does not answer emails. Really loved this app. Because it so often crashes now with an “ERROR” message, the time has come for it to be removed from Google Play.

Using this widget(s) for a long time, simple yet amazing especially the RSS news feed which is awesome. It let me to read all news directly from my main screen with the ability to choose my own news sources. 5/5.

Great app. Does everything it should. Widget update frequency should be user defined though and a scrolling option for the news feed would be really appreciated.

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