Glow Block Puzzle – Train your brain in this puzzle mania

[Game] Glow Block Puzzle

Glow Block Puzzle  Glow Block Puzzle is a relax puzzle legend game.

It will train your brain in this puzzle mania.
This is the most interesting block puzzle game in your hands have ever held.
Once you start, you’ll be hooked. you can play games for free!
Glow puzzle is incredibly intuitive and fun for all ages and skill levels.
It is also the funny way to train your brain and keep mind sharp!
Let’s enjoy a simple and addictive glow puzzle legend!

It contains the Global Ranking, Weekly Charts. Improve your own rankings!

How to play?

Place the coloring pieces into board. when you fill in a vertical or horizontal line.
Freeing up space for new pieces when previous disappeared.
The more glow blocks eliminated you can, the more scores you will get.
Try to improve your world rankings!

Block Puzzle Features:

Enjoy eye catching glow coloring themed puzzle.
Easy to play, and FREE block game for all ages.
Elegantly design and Support leaderboard.
Don’t worry! No time limits! No Internet limits!
Play this brain puzzle game for anytime, anywhere, pleasurable no wifi.

Glow Block Puzzle user reviews :

This is the 4th block game I have downloaded! None of them have ad free options, you can’t even play the game after the first ad! It’s a neverending loop between the ad screen and the exit button STILL just taking you to the playstore to download the game the ad is for instead of just letting us play the game we already downloaded! No wonder candy crush made millions! Because people can actually PLAY the game, ad free, long enough to get to a level worth paying 99cents to beat.

I play these games all the time… the block games…. But I’m really good at this one I think scientifically it like connects with my brain cuz the other block games I’ve gone from 800-900 which is okay as a score but this one I’m doing over 2,000… I love the bright lights!

It was a great tetris-like game, until the last update… It just isn’t fun to get the big “L” piece 8 times in a row… Also, the new effects are nice, but the game runs a bit slower now and there’s obvious lag. 24.12.2020-Edit:The game was updated in the right direction and solved all the previously mentioned issues. Goes back from 2 to 5 stars! Keep it up devs!

It is a good game. But, there is a slight irregularity. Whenever the player saves space for the block with 9 pieces, it does not show up. However, just as they fill up the space, it instantly shows up. I request you to improve on this scant error
  • com2wordsgame
  • Thank you very much for your feedback, we will check this issue next.
It was better before it was changed today. Now it’s like there’s a delay between the time I pick up and place a block down. Before that there was an ad every time I hit the home button or lost. Not once every few times- Every. Single. Time. Before that, it was much more enjoyable and if it weren’t for the recent changes, I would’ve given it 5 stars. It’s still pretty enjoyable though and a great way to kill time.
  • com2wordsgame
  • Thank you for your kind feedback! I’m sorry for the inconvenience. We will continuously working on it to make your experience better.

This game is fun, if a bit frustrating at times. What inspired me to write this review is I have been trying to eliminate 6 rows/columns with 1 move for a while. I finally did it and the game crashed. I think it is weird that they did not program for this possibility. Since the game itself is quite simple, I find it weird that they overlooked such a possibility.

This game is really fun. Not too many adds, not glitchy at all, and it’s really enjoyable.

Love this game. Helps me to relax! At the beginning there were no ads, until today! Problem now is the ads appear during the game. It would be better if they happened after you’ve used up the blocks and seen the score.

This puzzle is much more fluid than the otherone which is very similar! It is still better than many of the other block puzzles. The ads don’t bother me as much but it would be great if they could be cut just a little. Thanks!!
  • com2wordsgame
  • We are glad you can spend time playing our game. Do you have any advice for us to make this game better? Your advice is very important for us to improve this game for all players. Thank you!

This game is really super fun and very addictive but it’s cool because you’re not interrupted with ad after ad. If it continues I will continue to play and I even watch the ads sometimes.

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