Glow Hockey – A new style of hockey game

[Game] Glow Hockey

Glow Hockey  Glow Hockey delivers a new style of hockey game.

Easy to play, hard to master. Challenge yourself with the computer opponents!


2-player mode (on the same device).
3 themes.
Colorful glow graphics.
Smooth and responsive game play.
Realistic physics.
Quick play mode (single player), challenge yourself with 4 difficulty levels (easy to insane).
4 selectable paddles and pucks.
Vibrate when goal.
Support almost all Android devices.

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Glow Hockey user reviews :

Playing it for the last 10 years, and still enjoyable!! A super cool physical game has been brought to mobiles, and I just love it. (And also there are lot of annoying ads, but that’s the problem of every app.)

I played this game a long long time ago and loved it. Ever since ive used it with friends, family, and even the built in bots ! I thank my older brothers for showing me

I love this game but PLEASE MAKE IT TO WHERE I CAN PLAY ONLINE AND OR HEAD TO HEAD(PHONE VS PHONE) Bluetooth with another person! Otherwise awesome game!!! Been playing for years

I’ve played this game a few years ago with friends so nostalgia is one factor. It has clean animation and design, nothing too jarring. Playing 2v2 with a friend is really fun too, and in the settings it has 3 boards/pucks etc. to choose from, so you can always change the default glow arena. Single player is not that fun, but after all it is meant to play with friends. Recommended to download if you do have friends.

A fun little time pass game. Never had any issue of performance. 2 player is where’s the fun at. Here are a few suggestions for future update : Make the glow ball customisable, and maybe add some rewards for completing difficulty modes. Also, make an option to choose whatever color we want the boundary wall to be. The shiny light is a bit too much when playing constantly, so add an option to remove the lightning.

I don’t have a problem with ads if you don’t want to watch ads just turn on airplane mode

It’s a fun gun it should be played on iPad tho and it will be like playing at a arcade hockey game

This game was my childhood game back then and its still one of the best games ever coming back to this game really made me cry of nostalgia xD thank u!

This is a memory I have unlocked, this still holds up today and it’s surprising

I don’t like the game i love it! It’s not pretty it’s Lovely! I dont enjoy it I’m addicted to it! What a lovely addicting game!

It truly awesome, 1 Player mode truly like I am playing with real person. I totally love it.

Total awesome flat out fun! you don’t need money, quick games, I play with my grandson and husband

This was a game I played when I was younger, and I saw it while looking for a other game. This brought back so many memories

Would love to see animations upgraded to 90hz or higher refresh rates

Really smooth game I’ve been playing this from 3 years now and it’s a very good experience

Very good actually fun competitive yeah but you really did this one guz I really like this game addicted to it

Played this years ago and it still works on extra widescreen! ads are rampant now though so I wish I could buy my way out of that. Oh, and hard and insane difficulty bots cheat a bit, specifically the hard one can sqeeze a ball through either side of the hole even if there is no opening at that side. (player is against back wall and end of goal) also they get harder, which means I can’t get an even matchup anymore. Make the bots not evolve!?

Its a good game but it has a small glitch, the puck goes super fast that it goes through my circle and the insane bot ends up scoring on me but that happens pretty rarely, also a suggestion you should add a online mode where you can go against people online it would make the game more interesting. Overall its a pretty good game I suggest you to download it if you are bored. There are some ads also but there like 5 second ads that can be skipped.

Neon air hockey! Can be played against the computer, but this game is best played on a larger tablet with a friend. Lots of fun and the controls are crisp and responsive. Can be played offline.

The game is addictive, with good graphics. However, the developers can add update that can record scores, wins, and games played. It would be cool too to see time on the game. Good job so far

Latest Update :

Fixed Ad placements.
Fixed minor bugs.

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