GlowGrid 2 – Plan your moves carefully

[Game] GlowGrid 2

GlowGrid 2GlowGrid 2 : From the award-winning independent studio behind I Love Hue comes an entirely new take on the classic tile-matching game, with neon pixel art and a synth soundtrack.

Place neon-coloured tiles on on the board. Match groups of four tiles to clear them, or match larger groups to multiply your score. Consecutive matches amplify your scoring power! As you progress through the levels you’ll have to think more and more carefully to avoid running out of space. But you’ll also unlock new tiles, power-ups and bonus pieces to help you master the GlowGrid!

With no timer and featuring beautiful arcade-influenced artwork and an original synth soundtrack, lose yourself in the soft neon glow of the game.

Plan your moves carefully to build up massive scoring combos!

The game lasts as long as you can keep spaces available on the board. And with an automatic save function, you can drop in and out of game play as you wish!


A retro aesthetic influenced by iconic 80s arcade games
An original synth soundscape inspired by the classic Yamaha DX7 synthesizer
Beautiful pixel art with a rich neon palette
A clever twist on the tile-matching genre which encourages long-term gameplay and strategic thinking
A global scoreboard – compare your top scores to players from all over the world
Infinite gameplay with no timer – the game will last as long as you can!

GlowGrid 2 user reviews :

Glowgrid is fantastic!! Addictive, cool, relaxing but yet exciting!! The graphics and music are toptastic and super retro!

Great game, both for casual play and a more mind-bending challenge.

Great sequel that’s so fun to play.

Loved the game play, color scheme, all around a fun game with retro visuals

Unexpectedly addictive!

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The game has been temporarily removed from the google play store

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