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[Game] Goddess Era

Goddess EraThe warfare on Continent Valar is rekindled! Please form up your team to against the evil! You have up to 100 goddesses from 5 Forces to command!

Tap to download and save the world!


Choose Your Goddess Carefully
Every goddess has her unique skills, you need to select your goddesses and arrange your team according to the characteristics of the enemy!

Exquisite Character Design
Nice artworks make your goddesses nice and gorgeous! Live2D and amazing voice bring you the best experience!

Various Gaming Features
No matter you are a casual gamer or a pro, you can always find a place that you enjoy the most!

PVP Arena
Defeat your opponents to get a higher rank! Don’t forget to deploy multiple teams to face their challenges!


In-game purchase is available.
This game is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us in the following ways:
Official support: goddessera.en.service[at]hotmail.com
Official community: www.facebook.com/Goddess-Era-Offical-101800242547318
Discord: discord.gg/goddessera

Goddess Era user reviews :

tbh, not much of a game. No need to buy anything, which is nice. Campaign has no levels. You battle your goddesses against other players to pass levels in the campaign. Same with PvP. You can change the background of the fights, but the game mode never changes. This game has offline rewards. The mix of events and challenges give enough rewards to get the most powerful goddesses in the game. There just isn’t a variety of game modes. Just the same fight mode.

Entertaining to a point. But I litterally just reached a dead end in free play. Can’t level up my characters, can’t battle because my level isn’t high enough. Characters to weak to win in the arena, can’t win in tower because team is too weak. No gear left to upgrade. Somehow Devs think I’m just supposed to wait for the free daily rewards before I can level up to 39 to continue the normal battles. All side quest are done as well. Ready to delete the app.

it’s been pretty fun so far. a good time killer for sure. cool art. the guide is a little lacking at times. it doesn’t explain what to do with duplicates & low rank “Angels” and I’m almost to level 20 with 15-20 of the S & A rank “Angels” so far. they really need to “stupid proof” the game with lots of info (skippable) so anyone can play & enjoy. would love to see some mini-games like match 3 or puzzles to earn crafting & leveling materials. good start though! room to improve!

  • You can sacrifice goddesses through dream land and play mini-games to get props for dating the goddess.

Same rating because there is no half star. Forgot to mention there is no claim all option for any reward screen. This coupled with character selection during battle(blocking the player side of the field so you can’t truly see what block they drop in/on idk) are the only negative aspects of the game. Artwork is extraordinarily. Character upgrade system is on point. Currency required for rank up is high but not unachievable. Overall this is the best idle battle game on the market for waifu fans.

I still don’t understand what kind of idiot designed the game ui in this lobby? It’s too complicated to find what we need, the display is too small to make it difficult to find it. To be honest, the graphics skills are great especially the character design, but other than that it’s all too chaotic. Ratings and the number of downloads are only classified by advertisements, just like me who downloaded just because I saw the advertisement.

Honestly, the game is all around top notch, with some small, if unimportant exceptions. The art is great, and so is the system UI design, team building is not hard to do. What could be fixed is the little amount of events available for free, as most events are based on how much you spend, which is not really fair for f2p players like me. There could also be more upgrades on the main story of the game, as it is almost inexistent, which is a shame. Also work on some small grammar details.

The game has no plot/story, you just start deploying your Goddess’s to fight. It has a fun PVP system, and the rewards are fair at the beginning. The designs are cute, sexy, and amazing. The game does have many buttons, but the overall gameplay is easy to understand.

  • Thanks for your feedback, if you have any advice about the game, you can send contact the game support via email, in-game ticket or Discord. Thanks for your support.

It is a fun game until I hit level 80+. I stuck. I’m still in early game, I haven’t unlocked all of the feature but I get tired and annoyed. It’s hard to level up your goddess from low droprate, it’s hard to gather enough gold to upgrade things or to buy things in shop, the chapter-level limit is so annoying when it’s a bit slow to level up. Can’t even finish weekly quest cuz either timed or locked, there wasn’t anything to do, boring.

  • We will consider adding ways to gain experience

Great visual style, seems fair for F2P players at least in the beginning. Music and voice acting could be improved though. I wish they could hide the Happyfun Icon somewhere into the game menus instead of floating it on top of the game. There are some F2P annoyances like a red dot showing up on important menus because there is something you can collect by paying up. Also the game has so much collecting everywhere, why these aren’t centered into a single menu I don’t know..

Not much gameplay but the art is nice. The player progression also slows down a lot if you don’t spend money. There’s a new small event every few days so there’s always things to do and doesn’t take too much time. Worse part about this game is that there’s hundreds of servers and each server is basically dead, maybe like 30 active players per server. Not really fun when the competition is so low and the player base is spread apart. Please merge your servers!!

  • Thanks for your support, we will merge servers from time to time, please pay attention to the announcement in-game, have a nice day

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