Gods and Glory – Clash with warriors across the world

[Game] Gods and Glory

Gods and GloryGods and Glory : Throw yourself into intense and tactical real-time fantasy PvP strategy.

Clash with warriors across the world in MMO battles and build your empire.

Call upon the power of six diverse gods and take advantage of their special abilities to aid your campaign.

Level up and enhance your ultimate hero, forge powerful magical items and destroy your opponents.

Raise an unstoppable army and battle to become the ultimate leader.

Join forces with other players in the Alliance to expand your grip on the world.

Find new allies to aid you in war and lead massive invasions against enemies before they can attack you!


CREATE the ultimate battalion of powerful and diverse magical heroes
RULE a fantasy empire filled with challenges and choose how you will govern the land
ENGAGE in spectacular real-time PvP fights with thousands of players
CALL upon the power of six distinct gods and reap their bonuses
CHOOSE how your hero will develop; enhance them with legendary weapons, armor, and upgrades
STRENGTHEN your empire with various buildings to repel enemy forces
RESEARCH technology and obtain unique treasures to develop your empire
JOIN the Alliance to find new friends; claim your own area on the global map
TEAM UP with fellow warriors to lead large-scale wars against other alliances
TAKE DOWN other colonies that will provide you with important resources
Join the game and participate in our competitions to snag valuable prizes!


Gods and Glory user reviews :

A very exuberantly brilliant game. I love the design the colors the structure of the game play. I thrive on awesome games and I have played lots. This one has me stuck since I started. And I’ve been a gamer since atari. And with these type of games, you usually don’t have enough money to continue after a certain point. I haven’t ran into that problem just yet. I will continue to play this game and would surely play any other versions if you bless us with another installment. Completely enjoying.
  • Deca_Games
  • Glad to hear that! Be sure to let us know if you have any questions on our social channel.
Game is good but I can’t join to the game I get notified from game but when I want to join game no results from yesterday I did try clear cache, soft reset reinstalling the game…
  • Wargaming Group
  • Hi there! If you are still experiencing any issues, please send a message to us by tapping on the “Report a Problem” button on the loading screen. We’ll gladly help you.
you actually did something to fix the xp gain! THANK YOU!!  please please please fix the issue on my apple device! the game has been reinstalled 3 to 4 times and I’m still getting the same issue and it has been many many days now. all I get is the response “be patient”. Edit: in game name: Ern. kingdom: plains of freedom. again, the issue is on my apple device and I sent out the email to the tech team on may 3rd. EDIT: Not anymore! The previous big update fixed the error
  • Wargaming Group
  • Hi there! Glad to hear that the problem has been fixed. Let us know if you have any other questions!

Best real time builder. Great game Game has some of the better graphics I seen in a real time strategy mobile building game. Combat has nice little change and has its own unique features. I like it more than other games of this type mainly because of its unique battle and world map movement with army. Plus you get to watch your combat and its more effective to play the map and not just other players. Cant wait to see the rest of this game I know that I will love it. Addicting

This is one of the better gather resources /build up your town/develop your military /complete quests/join a guild/level up and do it all again etc. games I have tried. Like many games out there though it is not technically ‘pay to win’ but there is no doubt that the more goodies you buy the greater advantage you will have.

Last Update January 10, 2020 :

Level cap for warlord and generals raised to 120.
Summoned Gods can now advance to Level 4.
Summoned Units can now advance to Levels XI and XII.
Ruin Golem tweaked and revitalized with a new ability!
Strength and Dexterity Wings abilities can no longer be silenced.

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