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Godville  Tired of the games where you have to play 24x7x365 just not to feel like a loser?

Godville is the answer! In this game you are god, and all you need to do is to create your own hero so he will do all these boring things you had to do in the other games. He will fight monsters, collect loot, earn gold, etc, leaving you to enjoy the only thing that matters in any game – lean back and have fun.

Godville is a zero-player game (ZPG), parodying everything from “typical” MMO games with their tedious level ups, to internet memes and ordinary day to day things. The game might look strange at first sight, but don’t hurry to neglect it right away. Take a look on your hero for a couple days, look around and you won’t regret! There is whole game world in Godville and it’s continuously evolved based on ideas and suggestions from the community of players.

Godville can also be played in the browser (godvillegame.com) and on Apple iPhone/iPad.

Please note that the game requires persistent internet connection.

Godville user reviews :

I don’t remember where exactly I read this, but it said that, at first, it’s hard to stay at your personality level, but it gets easier the further you progress. I’ve determined that what actually happens is that, regardless of how far you’re into the level, your progress decays at the same rate, it’s just less obvious when you don’t drop a level. You guys may not technically lying, but it’s still a dick move. Otherwise, the game’s alright. TBH, if you’re not into MMOs, this game isn’t for you.

Truly inspiring.Though it’s an online game but I just installed this game 4 days ago and I’m really enjoying it already,talkless of building a temple,ark,the monsters,towns,quests,guild,literally everything.The way you write the GodWiki and explaining things players dont know about and idea of the Godville News.I’m sure none of the other god games have these.Nd guess wat,you can add friends and challenge them to a duel.Keep it up,hoping for more updates.

It’s seriously commited to what it describes it is. It’s not a game you delve deeply into, unless you’re more interested in the Godville community instead of course! I don’t know what to put in the review but this is a very amusing game to come back to once in awhile.

I must say I didn’t expect to play this game more than one week(now i almost 1 month in!) I love my heroine even though she’s such a sharp-tounge sometimes. I don’t have to check her so often, I don’t have to do anything–just sit there and watch her do quests, but it’s somehow fun enough. There’s a lot to read though, but I don’t mind. I recommend people to try it if you that kind of person who only wants a simple game!

GREAT. Fun text based game with loads of hilarious jokes and creatively named items. However this game is a time consumer as you have to watch over your hero constantly to ensure he doesn’t die. And to keep his personality up.

Fun and addicting. And it is unique in that i’ve never played a game like this. You can literally sit back and relax, and just be a god when you feel like it. There’s no grinding for xp or points.

Epic entertainment! Opening this game guarantees a smile, if not a chuckle. THIS should be your morning routine, start your day checking on your hero and having a laugh. Genius writing, player involvement in game design, low intensity. It’s just FUN.

All you need for a good laugh, this is a great long term game that can run on its own if need be and it’s up to you how much you want to influence the game. Overall this is a proper lighthearted game and I wholeheartedly recommend it

Awesome game, and love the fact that I can let my character go days without intervention. This ZPG is awesome!!!

Not a money hungry game, even though you can use money to gain a small edge. Plays itself and is perfect if you can’t waste your time staring at your phone all day. Add me, ESKM

You can give as much or as little as you want into this game an always get interesting results. Come have fun with us at The Wesley Crushers guild…Wesley will be crushed!

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