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[Game] GoldenKnights Metaverse

GoldenKnights Metaverse Relieve your stress by playing the men’s RPG game GoldenKnights: Metaverse!

Feel the fun play from gorgeous heroes and gears to collect.

Looking for a funny collectible action RPG? Here we recommend GoldenKnights: Metaverse.

Play GoldenKnights: Metaverse, an easy and fun that everyone can play!

Game Feature
More than 270 different heroes and gorgeous action!

More comfortable, faster!

Strategically nurture unique heroes!
270 kinds of heroes armed with unique skills and equipment!
Build the strongest team with your own strategic training and combination!

Extreme convenience you’ve never experienced before!
Top-notch customized service tailored just for you!
Experience the essence of luxury auto play battle!

Unpredictable PVP showdown!
A real battle to determine the big shot!
Defeat the strong with strategy and prove that you are the strongest!

Battle with a giant boss in the abyss!
Battle with bosses boasting the overwhelming power of 5 attributes!
Defeat the bosses and get the best rewards!

Quarry looting you can steal or lose!
If you’re short on resources, just try to rob it!
The start of the great looting! Mining loot!!

A large-scale war with colleagues! Guild Territory Battle!!
Abundant estates that bring wealth and honor to the guild!
Get together colleagues and take over the top-notch territories!!


Customer Center
Email: help[at]
In-game: Options> Click the ‘Inquiry’ button and send us!

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GoldenKnights Metaverse user reviews :

The game its very friendly and ressourcefull for the new players. i like it. Game masters keep suporting the people with different things multiple times sometimes even daily. play the game without being afraid of Ingame Walls and things like , meant to stop the player from his progres in order to force him to pay. yes you can pay in this game also but you can also just keep waiting for Game master Gifts and it;s kinda the same !(almost) Keep it up with the game. i give 5 starts to encourage

  • We’re very happy that you enjoyed playing ‘GoldenKnights: Metaverse’ and left reviews and ratings! We ask for your continued interest and support. Thank you.

the game is good overall.but my only question is, when you recieve the freebies “item” you cannot see it in the item options, why?and i cannot see what are the things inside that item. and i have observe that the level are imbalance there is no difference from a low level monster to a high level kne because as the character level up it seems the monsters are becoming stronger also..mind you at chapter 6 it is already very difficult to win even your characters are level up with good set of armors

  • I think you wrote a review about the part where the option of the acquired equipment were not displayed. We will forward your comments to the development team. Thank you.

Love the game! A lot of freebies. Good mechanics and the option to repeat multiple times is good. I also like the idea of selling equipments we no longer prefer during the run. What I am missing is the scrolls, I feel like its hard to obtain the normal scrolls for fooder. Also it feels like the cost for awakening and transcending is too much, well maybe for me, not sure about the others

  • Thank you for your valuable reviews and ratings. As much as you enjoyed and supported for ‘GoldenKnights : Metaverse’, we will continue to work for more fun. Thank you.

I do rate this as much as 5 star because this game is great, like everything. Unfortunately, on its recent update I liked the idea of changing the game icon but not for the loading screen when I launch the game. Because it’s something that bothers me I don’t like it. I know you try to attract more players to play the game but please not on that way where players get attracted because of those female characters with something features that will catch “boys” eyes. Honestly, I prefer the old one.Ty

  • I think it was suggested in relation to the changed game icon and title image. We will forward your suggestions to the development department. Thank you.

this is a good game good support and developers they really care about players but after 2 month i played game become boring because everyday we must do repetitive tasks if you add more challenge for guilds It makes game more interesting,If you focus more on teamworking game becomes more attractive

  • Thank you for leaving a review and rating. We will prepare updates so that we can continue to add new content and fun elements of the game. Thank you for your interest in the future. Thank you.

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