Golovolomki – Develop your brain and test your IQ

[Game] Golovolomki – Logic games for adults, mind puzzle

Golovolomki  Logic puzzles for the brain. These are great free puzzle quests. The tasks will develop your brain and test your IQ.

Logical thinking is one of the main advantages of our brain. You should not miss the opportunity to improve your skills. Try to apply yours, memory, intelligence and logic in our game. You will find many levels with creative solutions.

Game Features

games for the mind
logic game for the brain
creative and unpredictable solutions
lots of tricky tests
IQ tests

This will force you to turn on your imagination and develop your creative thinking. Solve puzzles and improve your IQ! You’ll get an IQ test for the mind and have fun

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Golovolomki user reviews :

A very interesting and unusual game, not like other puzzles. Many interesting tasks that make you think and puzzle. Answers to questions are often found where you do not even think to look for them. You need to be careful and read the question. It trains the brain and mindfulness very well. I decided for myself that this is a great way to keep yourself busy while traveling to work or visiting. Time flies

At the first levels, I almost really broke my brain. Lol I liked the game. I especially remember the third level, where it was necessary to kill the virus. How relevant this is today. Oh, if I could send the same as in the eleventh level in real conditions … it would be incredible. I will wait for other work from this developer. Thank you guys. P.S. I would be grateful to the developers if they add more animation

Cool game, I can’t come off! Here are very interesting tasks, very well develops the mind, motor skills. Such a non-standard approach, you really need to work with your brain! I play with pleasure and excitement! Well done developers, keep up the good work! 5 stars

1. Outdated puzzles. 2. Doesnt work properly especially in those puzzles where shaking the phone is required. 3. You need to watch a hint even if you know the answer, because the function to progress wouldnt appear until you do.
  • Kranus Company
  • Thanks for your comments. We will fix everything and release a new version.

Really enjoying this game. Would’ve given 5 stars if it had a better rewards for completing a number of levels or daily rewards. Great concept of lateral thinking. Great font size for us glass wearing oldies

Great but if you use real photos it becomes so cool and if use some real problems, scientific reasons, calculation and a proper problem it becomes great .i really know you do work hard but people not know that.i think you understand it.

This is an extremely interesting game! It very challenging and i love it so far! I just opened it today and im already hooked! Lol.

Variety game… really made me thinking. I loved this game so much.. no improvement needed.. already it’s awesome
  • Kranus Company
  • Thank you for deciding to write to us. Did you like the game or do you need to improve something?

it is a very nice game but it levels could be improved

Very interesting puzzle,i cant complate even third level

Completed all levels in just 4 days . I would like to recommend this game for all of you dear friends. Its really amazing game loved it

Initial instructions are not provided. Instructions are called hints. User needs to watch ads before hints.

After seeing this game my hand is not working and leg is not working

Good for tension I like it very much pls install this game very good game I love it very Much

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