Graffiti Smash – Restore the glory of human civilization

[Game] Graffiti Smash

Graffiti Smash

  Graffiti Smash — a new hit presented by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Online!

Slingshot to paint surfaces and get power boosts. Enjoy PvP matches via a real-time online battle system. Co-op with friends to clear dungeons and beat bosses. Enjoy a script of 1 million plus words that tells stories about the bonds and dynamics between people in a post-apocalyptic world!

In this dystopian alternate reality, the human race is fighting for survival against the invasion of a mysterious entity known only as “Arc”. The surviving humans have been forced to take refuge in their last sanctuary — the fortress city of Babel. After generations of propagation, the Arcs have radically altered the ecosystem on a global scale, reducing most of the planet to nothing more than monster-infested wilderness. Eventually, “Arc-resistant” individuals started to emerge. Known as “Hunters”. these brave souls began venturing outside of Babel in squads, hoping to reclaim some of humanity’s lost territories and restore the long-forgotten glory of human civilization.


Intense Field-painting Combat
Hold down, pull back and release! That’s all it takes to launch a hunter on a graffiti rampage, leaving a trail of paint across the screen! The constantly changing paint gauge will affect how a fight plays out, adjust your strategy accordingly!

Summon Graffiti Beasts
After a Graffiti pattern has been completely revealed by painting the battlefield, a Graffiti Beast can be summoned. Utilize its overwhelming power to turn the tide of battle in an instant!

A Wide Variety of Unique Weapon Arts
Weapon Arts are skills that can be activated when your Hunters are armed with weapons! Choose weapons that best suit your playstyle!

PvP & Co-op Multiplayer Modes
Have a blast in intense multiplayer modes! Team up with friends to crush mighty enemies or compete against other players to carve out a place for yourself on the leaderboard!

Get Loot from Idle Expeditions
Use Expeditions to get loot even when you’re offline! Use this handy feature wisely to amass strength-boosting items!

Challenge Dungeons with Friends
Acquire new Maps to unlock special dungeons. Challenge these dungeons with your friends to get dungeon-limited special weapons that will give you an advantage against other players!

Collect a Wide Variety of Hunters and Weapons
Train your favorite hunters and assemble expedition squads! Permanently increase the strength of your squad by equipping weapons that best suit its composition!

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Graffiti Smash user reviews :

i LOVE the music and the art/designs. other than this, the gameplay is basic but fun as a timewaster. however, this app still needs a lot of work. the interface is squished, clunky, and downright awful and confusing. it’s an absolute mess. then it is WAY too difficult to acquire any gems. i’ve gotten a number of characters either way, but that’s solely because of the christmas event going on rn. this needs to be fixed after the interface is completely revamped. will give 5 stars when it is.

Edit: Previously 5 stars, but the game has some design issues, for example I should be able to reset my characters. The default character and item sorting is horrible and almost makes you make mistakes on which character you are upgrading if you have duplicates. I still sincerely believe that the game is still easy to get into, fun and addictive but the lack of player support sucks. Absolutely addictive and the events technically means you can progress to end game as a f2p player.

It’s a very entertaining top to down view slingshot game where the core game mechanic is to cover the field in your own paint to boost damage by a lot. It shares a lot of similarities to Monster Strike if you are familiar with the title.

Fun game with allt of potential . For once we have a game that sticks out amongst the boring clones . Art is very nice , gameplay calls for your attention. The only things that hold this back is the progression for gaining power can become a bit confusing after enemies start to ramp up . Also the lack of information to help you. I suppose you could find a niche discord or reddit but this is a game ( supposed to be fun ) not a college class where you study lol . Also customer response = fast

Gacha rates for this game have drastically gotten worst. When I first started playing the game would give you a new character about every 2nd or 3rd try, but now you can’t get any new released characters unless you draw 8 or 9 times. I’ve currently been drawing for the graffitifest new characters for the last two events around 4 or 5 times each event and still have yet to get any more than the 3 star characters who are all worthless. I really loved this game but im tired of the heartbreak.

This game is like the lovechild of monster strike, world flipper and jet set radio future!!! I love this combination. The artsyle of the characters and enemies just does something for me!! Not to mention the gameplay is intriguing. Keeps me engaged!! And super rewarding to strategic plays. I love this game!! So far… I doubt that will change though haha. Hopefully this game doesn’t close to the global audience Also DO A COLLAB WITH JETSET RADIO CHARACTERS!! THAT WOULD BE SICK!

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