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Gran Saga IdleIntroduction

The Gran Knights, the Las Knights, the samurai of the Great Continent, and even the elite of the Gerus Empire fought against this battle, but the situation was overwhelmingly unfavorable.

Their lonely battle ends in defeat…
It was supposed to be that way.

At a desperate moment, the world is rewound 10 years ago by the power of Eve and Lilith.
For Las and his friends, a second chance to save humanity has arrived.

There, the black dragon and the army of darkness are once again threatening the world…
Complete quests, fight monsters, gather friends,
Let’s overcome the crisis that comes again!

Adventure in the Ethprozen continent, the Great Continent, and the Gerus Empire,
Build relationships with veteran warriors and make them your friends!
By exchanging, combining and developing skills,
Build your own powerful knight group!

Let’s make the base of the knights luxurious with your friends!
Sometimes there are special effects and powerful strengthening effects!
By managing the base, the entire knight order will become stronger!

Raise a legendary knight group and overcome the trials given by six spirit kings.
Prove your strength and get powerful rewards!
Grow with challenging challenges held every week!

Get stronger by completing weekly events!
Enjoy various mini-games every week, such as “Three Match”, “Log Light Survivor”, and “Monster Capture”!
The rewards are not “mini”, so enjoy them to the fullest!

Gran Saga Idle user reviews :

This game is amazing! I was able to get stronger because of the hefty rewards from time to time and got plenty of legendary heroes and artifacts. However, the repeated quest gets boring eventually ranging from hundreds to thousands to unlock slots for you to power up. And the update is just terrible. My combat power in arena just got cut in half. I spend a lot of time raising the numbers and the update killed the enjoyment I get playing. Now I play this just to pass the time while disappointed.

Animation great, gameplay is good for an idle game, game features is simple and easy to play But the only problem is that entering the game and logging in, sometimes it logs you out back or just keeps repeating asking to accept the terms and service over and over, and you literally have to wait around like 2-3 minutes before you can enter But overall, the game is great

  • Greetings, Captain! This is Support Team. We are pleased to hear that you have been enjoying the game. We kindly request that you provide us with more detailed information. Please tap the menu and send an inquiry through [Customer Service]. Our team will identify the issue as soon as possible. Thank you.

The latest update is great except for the arena. I don’t know why my combat power in Arena has drastically decreased only in the arena. My team has become significantly much weaker than before the update. If they don’t make it clear , then it’s time to quit. P.S. Yes, I checked the update note, and It makes no sense why I lost my combat power about 10M while the others seem fine. **No response from customer support

  • Greetings, Captain! This is Gran Saga Idle:KNIGHTSxKNIGHTS Support Team. We’re sorry to hear that you had a negative experience. For further investigation, please contact our Customer Support with more detailed information and screenshot to find the solutions. Thank you.

v.1.0.1: The game becomes laggy after the update, I already set all the effects to low but still lagging. Also, please lower the difficulty of stages past 680. I think the only thing that keeping me from finishing it is the lack of legendary heroes, even if I already activated the buffs and all my stats are at level 2000.

The game in general isn’t that special tbh, but the thing that made me rate 1 star is that u have to let the game running to get some loot (gold for example) and if u closed the game it doesn’t count, like in what year are we living? Such kind of mechanisms were used in the past, now why would i kill the phone’s battery and let the phone becomes out of use just to keep the game running the whole time?? I hope they would change that, perhaps then i will raise the rating

  • Greetings, Captain! This is Gran Saga Idle:KNIGHTSxKNIGHTS Support Team. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts with us. We’ll share your feedback with our team for review and consideration. Please feel free to reach out to us if there is any further feedback you wish to share. Thank you for your support.

I will update again after Frieren event goes live. It’s missing a discord, social media of any kind, no guilds or friends list, no game modes. Right now it’s simple and definitely a game to play as a boredom drain. You do have some daily farm bosses and an event boss, that is basically it. It’s Gran Saga, so it has good music and character art design, I can’t complain there. They will have a Frieren event 6/10/24, so MAYBE this will bring social media. Edit: Changed review.

This game has much potential. I play many AFK/Idle games and by far this is one of the better ones. the setup and moods are all very leisure and feel almost relatable. also there’s a sense of nostalgia, why do some characters seem so, familiar?

  • Greetings, Captain! This is Gran Saga Idle:KNIGHTSxKNIGHTS Support Team. Thank you for the kind words and perfect rating! Your review really makes us happy. We’ll continue to work hard to ensure you enjoy our games for years to come!

graphics and gameplay is good, but u guys should add level resonance feature in the game, i mean, r we suppose to level up all the unit? even the item to reset level can’t be found in the shop

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