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GTribeGTribe a social media network geared specifically for tech savvy gamers, is a community based on values.

From its members to partnering entities, the network is one that promotes healthy conversations and the exchange of ideas and information where communication is mutually respectful.

GTribe user reviews :

Works great, needs some work though, specifically the music player, as it stops playing music at random times, usually at the beginning of the next song. And sometimes it starts playing the next song at the same time as the last song is still playing, and sometimes it plays another song, even though I selected a specific song to play, it shows that everything is as should be, except for the wrong song playing.

Good app, it’s faster now. The best community with a little to no toxicity. And the code in here is followed by all of people in here as far as I can see. On the other hand (application). Little to no bugs. And if there is, staff or developer will instantly debug it. I have reported many bugs in thr past and I didnt encountered it again. You can also suggest features but that might take a while or might not get into the app but still worth a shot if you got a good idea. Overall five star

  • With every new app version we are introducing new features and improving existing ones. Thank you for being part of best community!

Best app on the market. Here you will make a new family, friends, you can even meet a new lover, lots of gamers, etc but most important, you will find people. no spammers, no scammers. they are all removed to quickly to observe any of them. About the app, all is smooth. works like a charm and no major bugs. 10 stars when they will add 5 more.

  • Thank you very much for your 5-star review!!!

I love this app. Great app for a great family like community. Gamers meeting new friends to game with or discuss current technologies. App includes it’s own music player and user to user calling interface. The Gtribe community itself is great, and the app makes accessing it easy on the go.

The audio does not work on my phone I was listening and the sound just stopped It works on my laptop. Any ideas on how to fix it ? It’s my go to on my phone , help , please. Thank you.

  • To assist with this issue, it would be helpful to have a little bit more information. Can you please let me know if this issue appears when the app in background? Is GTribe whitelisted from Sleeping apps. Can you please send more details at app[at] Thanks.

A great app for the GTribe community. Music player, messages, and access to the boards and contests keep you hooked and allow you spend your time in the community with pleasure.

  • Sebastian, we are glad that you like the features offered by the app!

Would be better if I could control what notifications I get from this app. In particular, when someone writes on my wall or mentions me.

Even better than the web based version which is a surprise since it was built from the ground up to work on all devices anyway. Also, like the web version, it’ll no doubt get constantly improved and tweaked based on G Tribers feedback and new ideas. A great substitute (or addition) to gamers and lovers of tech for their other social networks. Keep up the good work!

Love the app. Far better on the phone than using the website and if you find a problem with the app and report it they fix it fast.

Using on an HTC One M8 smartphone, found the app is lightweight and responsive, giving me access to the most-used features of G Tribe (and some app-only benefits). Seems to be quick and stable, decent usability.

Seems to be quick and stable. Thanx GTRIBE!

Great to have access to this brilliant community on the go.

love this app. thanks g tribe!

Perfection for the Tribe of Gamers!

I loved how the browser based version worked so well too the point where I didn’t believe there was a need for an app. But there is one and I really liked it. It works better for me so far and is slightly easier to access on Android for the new comers.

So far the app is great and is very convenient for someone who can’t be on their pc all the time. (or can’t use the mobile browser for the site) Everything is fast and operating fine, so I love it.

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