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[Game] Guardians of the Zodiac

Guardians of the Zodiac


You’re a young college student studying an ancient scroll, which is said to have ties to the Chinese Zodiac. Though it hasn’t been opened for centuries, you manage to remove its seal. Before you can read it, a flash of light blinds you and the scroll is stolen from your hands!

Luckily three handsome Zodiac Guardians appear and offer to help recover the scroll. You soon learn that the content of the scroll is the yin and yang that keeps the universe in balance. If someone tampers with it, it may destroy the world as you know it…

You’ll have to act fast to get the scroll back, since the Zodiac boys’ personalities all seem to clash. To make matters worse, they’re all hung up on the results of the Great Race held between the Zodiac animals centuries ago, and see this as their second chance to prove themselves.

Can you help these boys work together to save the universe? Will this be the year you find true love? Discover your destiny in Guardians of the Zodiac!


Year of the Tiger- Xin
Coming in third place in the Great Race, this cocky tiger feels he was cheated out of a win. He’s not a fan of you or the other Zodiac, and is determined to show his worth by getting the scroll back before anyone else. Can you convince him to work with the others, and show him that rank isn’t everything?

Year of the Dragon- Shuo
The silent and beautiful member of the Zodiac, this stoic dragon seems to have a good head on his shoulders and a strong desire to help others… Yet he keeps himself isolated and distant. Can you help him heal from his trauma and feel love again as you work together to take back the scroll?

Year of the Boar – Han
This sweet, cheerful himbo of the Zodiac would do anything to protect you. After finishing last in the Great Race, no one took him seriously until you came around. Though impulsive and somewhat oblivious, he makes up for it with his big heart and resolve to retrieve the scroll. Determined to earn his place among the Zodiac, will you help this lovable meathead reach his goal?

Guardians of the Zodiac user reviews :

This visual novel is wonderful. There’s a clear plot and loveable characters. There are two problems though. 1. The ‘premium’ choices need a lot of gems to use, which makes it harder to make choices that you want to, and they’re also hard to get. 2. Tickets take much too long to regenerate (around 2 1/2 hours each) which is annoying as the max amount of tickets you can have is 3. Though these problems hold you back slightly, I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes a romance visual novel

As usual, another wonderful storyline with well fleshed out characters. This time, I zoned in on one specific character and used all my Gems only for that character (except a few which I couldn’t just leave alone). In that way, I was able to make much faster progress:) Honestly, the minigame is a lifesaver, as well as the 30 coins after every 5 hours… Edit: S2 exceeded expectations…not great but def not bad

This game is amazing and vary cool, there’s almost nothing bad about it at all. The story was amazing and the details where great. The character designs where amazing. The story gets very interesting the more you read into it, and the end totally caught me off guard! I hope this game gets a second part cause I NEED to know what heppens.

Very good game! There were many plot twist that I enjoyed, but there are two thing I would like to note. The gems were difficult to get and while playing the game, and I noticed that some of the chapters were shorter than others and others could have ended on a better cliff hanger. Overall it was quite an exciting game, and I hope that there can be a season 2!

Wow this game was great. This is one of best Visual novel games I’ve played in a while. The story was interesting having you not really sure what was going to happen. And I just love the chatacters with their personalities and how they grow into better people. Plus I love the character designs and the artstyle of the whole game overall.

Im rating this game 5 stars, because of the story. I love how the characters have changed over the seasons, and began to show more emotion to the main character. Just waiting/wishing for season 3 to come out, cant wait. (Hopefully it comes out) Hopefully everyone enjoyed this as much as I did, if not… There are many more games to choose from, from “genuis inc”. They make some of the best choice games in my opinion! There are good ones out there, just gotta find the right one for you.

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