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[Game] Gun and Dungeons

Gun and Dungeons

Welcome champ!

Get ready to enter Chimera 5, a monster-infested world system, crawling with all kinds of vicious creatures. Basically, the perfect venue for a twisted spectating alien sports tournament to the death.

The rules are simple: you must survive the treacherous dungeons, filled with hordes of nasty monsters. If you reach the end, you will face an even more powerful monster. The reward for defeating the boss? A huge loot pile and… another dungeon, of course, this is how sinister this competition is!

Key Features

Story mode: Explore mysterious and deadly worlds with hundreds of challenging dungeons.
Survival mode: Defeat huge hordes of monsters and get unique rewards.
Loads of vicious deadly monsters for you to shoot, vaporize, incinerate and explode!
Lots of powerful skills that you can pick up and manage to give you an extra boost!
Legendary gear gathered across the universe and Time that will increase your stats.
Feeling lonely? What about having a pet to help you out in those tough situations?
… and GUNS… Lots of guns. You got sniper guns, machine guns, assault guns, laser guns, bazooka guns… if you find a special gun? KEEP IT!

No one ever survived or escaped Chimera 5, will you be the first?

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Gun and Dungeons user reviews :

I liked it when I started but after playing a while I noticed some flaws. 20 energy isn’t much when each stage costs 5. The powerups are preset per stage and can’t be changed much. Basically if you are looking for specific power ups and you don’t find them in the first 3 tiles it can make or break a run. Lack of equipment description/usage, no way to see additional info. No test stage, no way try equipment except to spend energy and do a normal stage.

Just seconds of opening the app, it crashes Edit 06/2022: Yes, I just downloaded it again when I saw your reply. It still crashes just right after your miniclip logo with orange background. After that, just pitch black then crash. I’m feeling hopeless now.

  • Hi! Thank you for your feedback! Have you updated to the latest version? We already fixed some known issues.If you still need assistance, submit a ticket reach out by following this link: Then, fill out the form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your cooperation!

Great game. Everything works well and is balanced. Give it a 4 star for now, as the only thing that you need to really add at this point is being able to fuse your guns. I have so many guns that I don’t know what to do with them lol. Yes I know you can use them to evolve your other guns. But the exp you gain from doing it that way is is toooo much of a grind. But other then that this game is amazing.

Good game just needs some bug fixes. Seems to crash alot and I progress. The rewards for beating levels don’t even come close to the amount of coin I need to upgrade aswell

Hi great game but big glitch or bug on level 8 cannot continue to level 9 won’t let me through I even have a screen shot and I can clearly see the issue after destroying boss!? Please fix I like the game.thanks

freezes in Survival mode Complete the level but can’t move on Have to quit out and lose all the progress Slightly frustrating but overall pretty decent game

Everything is super blurry on samsung s8+, text, all the graphics. When this is fixed, it will be super good.

its a pretty light attempt at the Archero genre. Not much in the way of difficulty or variety from what Ive seen so far. Just play Archero.

  • Hello! We’re sorry to hear you feel that way regarding our game. Your feedback is crucial for us to keep improving it. For support, contact us reach out by following this link: Then, fill out the form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your cooperation!

Looks good. Different application of the same formula with a bit of a change. Would have been nice to allow for friends to play with each other. Not for me.

Nice game, cute graphics. In the Archero genre with some novel mechanics. Enjoying the game so far.

Want to enjoy this game but the font looks very blurry and pixelated and incredibly hard for me to read

  • Hello there! We’re very sorry to hear you came across this situation! Please contact us reach out by following this link: Then, fill out the form and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. We’ll do our best to resolve it. Thank you!

Good game play. But the sound effects of gun and spell tooooo small, turn it louder pls. The energy point not enough to play… Need a combo spell system, for various playing style…

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