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Guns 4 HireGuns 4 Hire : There are an estimated SEVEN BILLION people on Earth, a HUNDRED MILLION black market weapons, TEN MILLION bad guys, and against it all… FOUR ass-kicking, money-hungry mercs!

Command the toughest squad in the world while taking on crime lords and corrupt dictators in this ruthless bullet-fest!

When no one else can help, it’s time to call in… GUNS 4 HIRE !!


KILLER CREW! Combine the brutal combat skills of L.T., Faraday, Burns and Boomer: from heavy artillery to high explosives!
AUTOMATED GUN TURRETS! Deploy anywhere to rain 360 degrees of armour-piercing pain!
ANTI-PERSONNEL MINES! Throw down instant minefields to disrupt enemy attack!
AIR STRIKES! Call in death from above for total devastation!
DIVIDE AND CONQUER! Use squad tactics and single touch control to deal devastation to the insurgents!
SUIT UP! Equip armoured apparel and head gear to boost damage resistance and kill in style!
LOCK AND LOAD! Use the spoils of war to upgrade your handguns, flame throwers, miniguns and rocket launchers!
WARFARE! Subdue your enemies in explosive missions of bullet-riddled carnage!

GUNS 4 HIRE is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your Google Play account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings.

Guns 4 Hire user reviews :

Great game and all. Few changes i would like to see tho. Instead of buying armor and losing it after 5 battles how about buying with option to repair after each battle. Also instead of just upgrading generic guns how about adding mods to guns and upgrading each mod. Strength/life upgrade would be nice for soldiers also. Daily log in rewards for diamonds

Idk if its just me but I can only save one hostage on the last level. On one of the yellow circles you stand on, the bar doesnt fill up. But overall this game is fire tho.

New character I really like this game…and I really love it…maybe you can add another character…like sniper?? And nicolas wan didn’t you notice theres a apparel…in the character menu??the hat icon..that hat would speed up your healing character..try to buy 1…it will help you decrease the amount of healing…for an example…i have buy the camouflage cape it help me decreasing the healing time…from 1 hour to 12.35 minutes..

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