Guns at Dawn – Make each bullet count

[Game] Guns at Dawn – Shooter PvP

Guns at Dawn  Guns at Dawn: Shooter Arena is an action shooter multiplayer for mobiles.

Can you survive in deadly all-out gun battles and be the last gunslinger standing? Grab your weapon and don’t miss the shot. Make each bullet count!

Key Features

Skill based PvP Duel Battles
Play online and master the art of shooting pistols and dodging bullets. Unleash lethal skills to gun down your enemy in split seconds.

Intuitive Controls
It’s so simple than you learn quickly tactics to kill your opponent and rank up in your leaderboard. The skill-cap is high enough to be extremely challenging and be the last survival in this PvP shooting game

Customizable Characters and accesories
8+ gunslingers with special skills: The Outlaw, the Bounty Hunter, The Graverobber or the Marshall. Create a unique hero by using a combination of hundreds of accessories and find the perfect look.

Cool weapons
10+ iconic weapons: Walker, Navy, or the PeaceMaker. Choose the specific gun-fighting skills you want to develop and acquire new shooting abilities to become a better shooter

High Quality 3D Battlegrounds
Fight across 5+ console quality multiplayer maps with objects to hide and destructible environments and obstacles

Worldwide competitions and modes
Rise in the leaderboards Leagues and weekly Rival Ranks to battle to the top in competitive ranked mode. Compete against thousands of shooters worldwide in realtime 1v1 matches.

Note: An internet connection is required to play online this game. the gameplay uses realtime online matches with player across the world


Guns at Dawn user reviews :

It’s pretty good, but the rewarding system in this game is kinda bad, especially the crates and coins after match. The wanted system is sucks, it’s based on win streaks-not kill count. It would be nice if it is kill count. Overall, a decent duelling game. I hope you will add another mode like train robbing, bank heist, stage-coach raiding with two teams; attacking and defending, like red dead online(RIP to that game). And also make the crates can be opened simultaneously.

  • We are sorry if Guns at Dawn is not turning out as you expected. We understand that no game is perfect, so all input is welcome. The team will continue working hard in order to improve some game aspects in future updates. In the meantime, If you wish, you can send us your suggestions to our email “support[at]”. Thank you.

It’s a great game. They need to fix the bots in rival rank. You can’t win at rival rank.. the top 2 bots, they would have 2 more kills than you every time, I even tried playing and winning at the very last second but still wasn’t enough. Also the shop bundles are just ridiculous, no gun variety really? Even if you upgrade your character to a really high (or high enough) level to purchase the gun, you can’t.. because the shop lacks variety. Epic and rare chests are almost identical in loot value.

  • Thank you for your feedback! The team is working hard on the game and an update with improvements and new content will be coming soon. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions or anything we can help you with, you can send us more detailed information to “support[at]”.

It’s a good game but it can be the best. There are players who cheat (don’t know how but it looks as if they are hacking the game). They can shoot through covers and honestly it’s frustrating. Sometimes players don’t even move and use low level guns and characters but can easily kill me when I have higher level characters. Hopefully these gets fixed because this is a really good game and has the potential to be the best!! Also the gun clock would freeze completely, letting me not get any shots

  • Thanks for giving us your rate and suggestion in order to make Guns at Dawn a better game. We hope you will continue enjoying this and our other titles for a long time.

Decent game. The controls are strange at first and not very intuitive. It will take time to adjust but overall it is relatively simple. Some early semi-automatic pistols like Mars’s, Bergmanns, and Mausers should fit in this game in the later stages. The art is also worth mentioning. It’s on point for the setting. Wonder when the dual wielding will come out?

Absolutely AMAZING! The art style is perfect! Everything is perfect! Except the holy grounds map where theres high and low ground. The person that spawns in the highground is always at a disadvantage! Also i had problems with the matchmaking system, like this guy whos character and gun is higher then mine but me and him got matched up with each other twice, making me lose my winstreak. Also you should add more content! Like instead of players fighting players you can make a mode to kill zombies!

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