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Happy Dessert CafeHappy Dessert Cafe is a relaxing, casual café management simulator, allowing you to micromanage all aspects from recipes to employees as build a successful café. Create your own delicious desserts and coffee, and work towards earning the title of “Best Dessert Café”!

Create dessert delicacies!
Provide your customers with a range of delicious foods such as coffee, cakes, desserts, sandwiches, and more. Continue playing to unlock even more dishes for you to make!

Satisfy customers to reap bountiful rewards!
Obtain high-end ingredients, create seasonal products, and offer a variety of dishes to attract customers and satisfy everyone’s “cup of tea”!

Build and expand your café!
Expand and design a top-notch café! Choose flooring, wallpaper, and furniture to spruce up your café and make it the talk of the town!

Host competitions to entice customers!
Select suitable dishes according to competition rules to gain a competitive edge and earn extra points for originality! After winning competitions, customers will surely be lining up around the block!

Game Features
A relaxing, therapeutic game
Enjoy the warm art style and relaxing music
Eat delicious food and interact with your companions at home, restaurants or on the go!
Kick up your feet and enjoy a brief escape from your troubles!
Now that’s relaxing!

Super easy and relaxing for players of all skill levels!
Whether you’re eating at the dining table, riding the bus, or taking a break from work, fun is just a few presses away~
Your cute companions can automatically operate restaurants themselves. They sure are amazing!
Take orders, make food, and bring it to the customers. Viola~
If you have ever played a business or cooking simulator, you will definitely love this game!

Also, if you’re one of the following, we’re sure you’ll want to download our game:
People who lover DIY desserts, cakes and coffee!
Cooking, coffee, dessert, sweets and sushi aficionados!
ASMR fans!
People looking for a relaxing building simulator!
People who want to put their super-fast fingers to the test!
People looking for an offline idle game!
People who love console and free-to-play games!

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Happy Dessert Cafe user reviews :

After playing for several hours the most annoying things are that you will be watching an astronomical amount of ads that can be up to a minute long just to be able to keep playing. The monthly cost is way too much at $15/month. You will always have every ingredient but chocolate to make new recipes. For some reason ads can’t load after a while so you’re forced to stop playing sooner than desired. I would pay for it if it was around $5/month.

It’s very cute and I want to like it. Unfortunately the “micro” transactions (they are shockingly expensive) are necessary for a well paced experience, progress is painfully slow, and the controls in mini games are very sluggish. You’re expected to watch ads although they’re not forced. Going ad free is a monthly subscription that costs more than many full purchase pc games.

I love the art style of the game and I like that it’s afk where I can have it at my side while doing other things. Ads aren’t a huge issue as for the most part, they’re optional. I just wish that the minigames (the cargo truck and food truck) gave you more free attempts instead of just 2 for a whole day.

  • Dear Boss, we have received your suggestion and will seriously consider it, thank you very much for playing our game.

So Far So Good. Love that there’s no forced ads, energy or matching games. I love that it does give you an option to watch ads for more funds. Also it adds the appliance and upgrades as you progresses.

I love the art style and the Smooth graphics but it’s VERY similar to the game my sushi story (I forgot the name but it’s something like that) I mean literally very similar, I mean the way you upgrade it, the art style, the task, the merge game but I kinda think it have smoother graphics so yeah, I recommend this

Artstyle is great, game.pace is very slow, after 2 days or so upgrade prices are huge. Progression is very slow. Remove add package is 18eur/month or 3.2eur/week with less bonuses, no one time purchase.

Love this game. I registered it cause I’m really into these types of games. I’m still in the tutorial, but let me tell u, the tutorial is so simple and clear and and I can tell I’ll be addicted to this. ITS TOO CUTE THIS IS THE BEST SO FAR  Edit: Done with the tut, and there is a merge activity to get items to make new recipes

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