Harmony Music Notes – Is an odyssey through abstract universes

[Game] Harmony Music Notes

Harmony Music NotesHarmony Music Notes is a brainteaser puzzle game merging artistic features and addictive gameplay where you need to tap the squares to create beautiful symmetries. Every piece you tap will produce a music sound, providing the illusion that you are truly playing piano.

Your mood will change while you wander through 24 different worlds and solve more than 1000 levels! Soothing music and smart symmetries will create a top environment and will not let the real world elements spoil this amazing sense of harmony.

Harmony: Music Notes is an odyssey through abstract and minimalistic universes, where your logic skills and creativity are your only type of fuel. On the way, you will experience different challenges and enjoy many hours of fun! Once the puzzle is perfectly balanced, order and peace will shout loud and you will live to spread more and more harmony level after level.

Stretch your fingers, release your stress and embrace Harmony!


Based on simple gameplay, piano sounds and beautiful symmetries, Harmony provides you hours of fun and close encounters with art;
Simple rules to learn and complex problems to face level after level;
Relaxing and immersive atmosphere, where music and evocative design take an important role;
All the time you need to draw your own strategy to solve more than 1000 levels and unlock 24 worlds!
Defy your logic skills as you progress over different environments and harder challenges;
Free to play, Harmony allows you to earn and buy hints to use in tricky levels.

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Harmony Music Notes user reviews :

This game is gorgeous, elegant, and very simple to play. The musical notes are a delight to tap for and very creative that it features classical music artists. That being said, the intrusive ads are a huge turn off and unfortunately makes me hard to fully enjoy this beautiful game. I understand the ads help the developers, but these ads become close to jumpscares while it recommends using headphones. Ads are extremely loud compared to the game itself, and styled so it baits you to click on them unintentionally. Another criticism is the nodes you start with is not easily distinguishable with the nodes you place. The slight sheen is barely noticeable and it’s easy to forget which nodes are fixed. Difference in the color may help, although may take away from the game’s symmetric aesthetic. I normally give reviews only for games I can see myself to fully appreciate, and I hope this is a constructive one.

Brilliant, beautiful…something like right-brained Sudoku.

Everything is great! The only thing that really bugged me is that I tried to pay for 20 hints, and while it counted the payment, I didn’t get any of those 20 hints. I would like either a refund or those 20 hints. Otherwise great game.
  •  Infinity GamesNovember 18, 2018
  • Thanks a lot Katherine and apologies for this issue. Please send an email to support@infinitygames.io with your order details and I will make sure you get those hints or a refund ASAP. We will debug further to understand why this issue happened.
Beautiful graphics and sound, while also being an enjoyable puzzle game. Play with the sound on! It enhances the experience so much! Thanks, developers, I love this game!
  •  Infinity GamesNovember 18, 2018
  • Thanks KB. Yep, with sound on or with headphones as well to dive deep in the game :) Reach us at support@infinitygames.io if you have any suggestions.

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