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Hero KingdomCollection Idle RPG Hero Kingdom *Officially released on January 19th*

You will receive 90,000 diamonds worth 1,000 draws (easy to reach 2-1), and upon completing the 7-day event, you can obtain the Mythic Hero “Shirley”!

The 28-member hero expedition team, completed with incredible dot quality, finally takes off!!
Heroes from royal families, slums, markets, wilderness, ports, and temples embark on an endless expedition to restore a peaceful kingdom.
You must complete a party of five by combining various occupations such as tanker, dealer, supporter, ranger, and caster to defeat monsters and be reborn as a ‘transcendence’ hero.

Grow up at once by defeating powerful boss monsters, diligently collect resources by managing villages in your territory, rescue colleagues captured by the slime army, and recruit them as reliable party support.

Can the Hero Expedition safely spread the flag across the continent and achieve the prosperity of a peaceful kingdom?

State-of-the-art dot quality
Enjoy the artistic dot quality created by dot craftsmen on all hero characters, monsters, and countless backgrounds!

Extreme hitting feeling
Let’s enjoy the ultimate skill that melts monsters by creating an extreme hitting feeling that you have never felt before through all the attack skill animations and effects created step by step!

Gorgeous 5-person party play
Let’s freely combine unique heroes from 6 backgrounds and 5 occupations to receive synergy effects and create your own DIY party to conquer the stage!

Powerful tactical combination
Let’s make party battles more powerful and efficient by equipping various conditional tactics according to origin, occupation, monster type, etc.!

Equipment and runes suitable for job characteristics
Let’s form the ultimate party by endlessly combining equipment through endless equipment collection and creating the ‘Ultimate Rune’, the crystal of power!

Unique hero skills
All of the skill effects of the 28 heroes come alive and delight the eyes. Use your hero’s unique skills, such as freezing the enemy boss for a while or cursing him to reduce his stamina, to instantly turn defeat into victory!

Acquire additional resources through village management
Manage production, exploration, and temple buildings in villages within your territory and acquire additional resources to accelerate your hero growth!

Show off your party power through global rankings
Let’s compete in powerful party combinations with users from around the world through ranking matches that take place every day!

Offline rewards
Even while offline and during battles, endless neglect rewards are provided. Enjoy the joy of growth even when you are not participating in the game!

Superbox official website www.superboxgo.com/
Official Facebook www.facebook.com/superbox01
Customer Center Email: help[at]superbox.kr

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Hero Kingdom user reviews :

Overall ok. There are a ton of characters which is great that seem unique (haven’t seen the sprites elsewhere) and the game is clean. However rest is mediocre. Idle, even energy saver, does not progress. Ad packs buffs need to be manually triggered. Pay wall comes fast. No way to manage or reason to use more than the first few characters you start to level.

  • Hello ‘Ken’, this is Hero Kingdom. Thank you for your valuable comments! We will pass on what ‘Ken’ said internally and make efforts to improve it. However, please understand that not all opinions may be reflected depending on the development schedule. Have a happy day today :) thank you

If you enjoy pure idle games, I’d say this one pushes all the right buttons. Free play means watching lots of ads. I have to say that I had a problem and user support was very attentive and solved it very quickly. However, server connections are slow. Also, the game keeps losing my progress after a game session, from time to time, which is frustrating.

  • Hello, this is ‘Joan Arnedo Moreno’ from Hero Kingdom. We apologize for any inconvenience caused due to a payment error. Please send your in-game nickname and store payment receipt (starting with GPA.****-****~) to help[at]superbox.kr and we will assist you with re-issuance. We will strive to provide more fun games in the future. thank you

It will not stop crashing. I get 2 to 3 minutes in the game then I have to focus shut the game. EDIT Again: I have changed my review to 3 starts as now I have been playing the game for 7 days and there is not 30mins of things to do everytime I play it, the game is not crashing

  • Hello, ‘Aaron Sando’, this is Hero Kingdom. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you while using the game. Please send the problem you are currently experiencing and a screenshot or video to help[at]superbox.kr and we will check it and help you. Have a happy day today :) thank you

Neat pixel art, tons of skins, plenty of ways to increase progression. Hitches a little when switching between tabs, but generally performs well. Could do with some QoL “claim all” buttons, but I’m not missing them too much.

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