Hero Making Tycoon – Fight against the invasion of monsters

[Game] Hero Making Tycoon

Hero Making TycoonWelcome to join our discord:discord.gg/j23bZpuRP2

Welcome, my commander, hurry up to develop your hero factory, create a powerful army, and fight against the invasion of monsters!

Our main character is a cute potato man!

Open up farms to mass produce potato men, build automated assembly lines to equip them with armor and weapons, and make them into soldiers of all shapes and sizes!

Hero Making Tycoon incorporates a brand new combat system, you will create hundreds of warriors through the hero factory to challenge the behemoth, whether you like simulation management or RPG, you can enjoy endless fun

Download it now and start creating your own hero!!

Hero Making Tycoon Features

Multiple heroes
Infantry, Archer, Wizard …… More professions for you to unlock!

Machine Maze
A thousand strange mechanical animations to make your factory line unique!

Boss Challenge
More than 100 kinds of huge monsters waiting for you to challenge, to get rare equipment endlessly

Decompression experience
Q-bomb squeeze production, neat and tidy assembly line formation, hundreds of warriors besieging the beast, every detail is beyond the pressure

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Hero Making Tycoon user reviews:

Game is final. As with all idle games it’s not really idle but you do get some rewards for offline time. The problem is certain ads keep not going back into the game and don’t have the x in the corner to quit, effectively crashing the game. Aside from that the graphics are chear but there is lots to keep a newer player busy for awhile. And as much as ads are annoying and necessary to make real progress they aren’t push ads.

I’m enjoying it. but 30 minutes into the game and I’m still getting forced into clicking things and told what to do. this style of “tutorial ” gets annoying if it’s longer than 2 minutes so 30? away from that, no intrusive ads, plenty for bonuses which is fine by me.

Decent idle game. A little bloated, but the pricing on the monetization is halfway decent and the ads are usually half as long as other idles. My one big complaint is that ANY time you watch an ad, the game is permenantly muted when you come back. You gotta reboot the whole game to fix that.

  • Hi, We appreciate your 4-stars rating! We’ll keep the hard work to give you the best possible experience in our games. Regarding the ad abnormal, our engineers are already checking it and will let you know first if there is any progress.

I would love to have given this games a 5 star rating because it’s actually very fun with just the right level of challenging aspects to it. Well made really… Except for the buying programming it seems. So, my word of advice? Sure, download and play the game. Just don’t spend any amount of real money or you’ll have to either converse in emails or using Facebook Messenger to talk with them and see about getting a refund or what you paid for. Every. Single. Time. Money and time wasted if you do.

Loved this game, been playing for weeks now. I log on today and find my attack damage is so significantly low I check the swords and armor and they have been put down loads. Now I’m to far into the game where I can’t even kill a single monster because of this. I had 120ab yesterday and now I have 400a there’s no way I can still play this game with that decrease. Unless I spend a lot of money which I don’t have.

I love the game but after the last update all of the enemies have become way harder. I have had to back down quite a few levels on all of the trials the only one that is still the same is the dragon.

Eeeh, it’s an idle game. You pretty much gotta watch a lot of ads in order to progress, even for very simple stuff. Save yourself time and sanity by skipping this. Unless you really want to toss $15 to get rid of ads.

Thank you for fixing the tarot bug and adding the hero equipment. It adds a nice twist to the game and other areas to help grow your power. Only issue I am having is that the game gets very slow after a while, I need 3bb coins for the next unlock but at my power I get 6.55aa a minute, so will take forever to get the money. Keep up the updates on the game though, it is a nice game, and you have proven you listen to your players, which most companies forget about.

  • We are sorry that the new update has brought you a bad experience, you can send screenshots or vidio to our fan page:  www.facebook.com/Hero-Making-Tycoon-108319761673052/ We will solve this problem for you.

I like the game but ran into a major audio bug. I watched an ad and it failed to load so I closed the game and reloaded it but then all the sound from the game stopped working no matter how many times I reloaded it.

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