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[Game] Hero or Villain – Genesis

Hero or Villain  Become the greatest hero or villain that the world has ever known!

Balance the challenges of leading a normal life, while attempting to defeat evil…or wreak havoc on the world.

Hero or Villain: Genesis is a 330,000 word interactive novel by Adrao, where your choices control the story. The game is text-based, with artwork to help set the scene. Will you hunt down villains to the last corner of the planet, join a group of fellow heroes (or villains!), defeat New York’s criminal mastermind, or even replace him?

Choose from dozens of powers. You can pounce on your enemies with the power of your fists, strike them down with hellfire, take control of their minds, dodge their attacks with your super-speed, or rewind time to learn from your mistakes.
Build your own gadgets, improving the quality of your armor or the weapons mounted on it.
Make alliances with other heroes, and attempt to find a sidekick that works with you.
Play as male, female, or non-binary, and romance many of the other characters!
Several illustrations to enhance your experience.
Many different game paths, with over two dozen different endings.
Several difficulty settings. Play as a mighty invincible hero, or just somebody only slightly more powerful than an average human.

Hero or Villain user reviews :

In the beginning I was fairly optimistic about this gake and I was right. The free trial was fantastic! But my heart sank when I hit the paywall. I was genuinely interested on the game and it’s greatly disappointing.I won’t be paying for it since by the other ratings say it’s not worth the price. Would love to see a free version where there’s only ads. I would appreciate it. At least I could play and support the creators without spending any money.

Love this game, but I had to download this on my phone because now Kindle no longer supports it, seriously not cool. Also I’ve been unable to get one of the ending because the Vampire quest-line doesn’t work/never presents itself, I’ve tried everything I could and even checked out guides online with no luck at all. Still hoping for an “Unlimited” mode with unlimited hero/villain points, wouldn’t even care if there aren’t achievements. Fun game all in all the free trial gives you quite a lot tbh.

First and hands down already the best i’ve ever played. The game is so fun and unique. Freedom of your own choice and extremely great story concept.

Really good game. I’ve enjoyed it a lot and I’ll play it again Update. Second part is out for some time now and I was not notified and if I want to finish the story I need to pay the full price fethe second book and they are not connected so my character is not the same.

Since for some reason it won’t let me edit my previous review, my 1 star rating holds for multiple reasons after giving this a play test. You have to start completely over if you mess up during character building. I didn’t even realize I was in chapter 2, much less chapter 3, until I hit the paywall. I was right. This game sucks. Definitely not worth paying to get past the paywall.

It’s an okay game, though only some select choices really hold any bearing on the final ending of the story. Their reasoning is fairly sound, as this game is exactly what it says it is. It’s Genesis; the origin of the hero/villain you continue to play through the series. Most choices only effect relations and stats, which are good to build up as it helps with overcoming, or befriending, certain opponents. It’s worth the money if you plan to read/play the series, but as a standalone, not so much.

This game is honestly what I love from CYOA games. It has plenty of variety, and the world allows for me to do what I want. However, the lack of in-depth characters is a bit off-putting. The most you get to know characters is a few lines here and there, and the characters themselves are weak in the first place. I wish I could get to know more and better characters, that simply isn’t the case. I still like this game a lot, but I really want more from the characters than is given.

I really like the game i even paid for full version but the ending is a bit too early and it would be good if there were a lot more things u can do before the alien appears in ur bedroom anyway its a good game

Love this game, please make game like this again with the same concept where we become hero and villain, and with more words please I always wanted to see long story, it’s sad that this great game have short story

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