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[Game] Heroes Forge – Turn-Based RPG & Strategy

Heroes Forge  Heroes Forge is an online turn based RPG set up in a fantasy world in the eternal war between light and darkness.

Summon powerful heroes and assemble the deadliest squad. Fight with other player in the arenas. Join forces with hundreds of players and raid the ancient titans. Complete challenging quests.

Strategic, turn based combat
Extensive Hero collection
Collectable gear sets
Skill tree
Dynamic battles
5v5 Combat
PvP Arena
Worldwide Raids
Rewardable achievements
Interesting quests

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Heroes Forge user reviews :

So far so good playing the game. Just two suggestions: (1) Battle speed is too slow. Increase the speed before it kills players’ interest. Imagine having to wait for more than 5 mins for each battle. (2) Have a instant completion in the dungeons for the same reason mentioned in (1). Battle speed too slow

It reminds me of all sqad based games . So far its pretty straightforward and easy to understand. It a good times spender on quiet days. There is a pay option of course. Like all games. But so I am enjoying the game.

It needs to tell players what they have to do to get three stars on a level. I just got 2 stars for a level,none of my characters died. The only reason I can come up with for just getting two stars is because I didn’t finish fast enough.

Please make it possible to disable the music and sound effects separately. I can’t play with that horrible music and it’s too weird playing a completely silent game. I would like to play this game but…not with that music.

I liked the game up until I had to give up 5 level 50, to make a room able to go to level 60. The least they could have done was supply a less costly way to make that jump.

The game has good progress curve, feels rewarding and has well established limits. Very good RPG & beautiful art.

Really nice artwork, and cool heroes/abilities. But the prices for micro transactions are so astronomically high that I won’t ever spend a dime on them, which is quite unfortunate. Takes away from the appeal of part of the game as well…

Good game leveling up takes a little longer than usual games

Avid app rpg player 2/10/21 I do not recommend. Very very low player base. Only 37 obtainable heroes after roughly 2 years since release. Grind is very hard for new players. If you support games (I do) then it’s a little easier. After all said and done you are just left feeling wanting more out of a game. Note to devs – Get at least 100+ obtainable heroes, stop popping up money grabs every couple minutes, have more information available (IE – How to set arena def, boss skills). Good luck.

Great game except now I can only get 2 stars in the campaign, no matter which one I play or how easy it is to beat I still only get 2 stars which will make it impossible to get the chest’s, hope this can get fixed, also I bpught a mega value and got charged twice for one deal.
  • Ten Percent Red
  • Please check help section for instructions and conditions on completing a level with 3 stars and linked bonuses.

Ok. I think i judged the game too soon. After unlocking other features the game becomes good. Was tempted to buy some packs and realized that buy unsummoning some mobs u can eventually get legendaries. So this game is all about grinding yet in rewarding. Keep it up and maybe put some ads. The community is too small.

I like and am a fan of the genre only the game doesn’t reward 3 stars for a full group sweep. What’s up with that.? Anywho the graphics I think weren’t so great. Little stuff of the sort bring this game down.
  • Ten Percent Red
  • Please check help section for instructions and conditions on completing a level with 3 stars and linked bonuses. Rules for 3 stars have been changed. Have Fun!

Cant sell multiple items in bulk. Wrong currency shows in black market. In app purchases are a little overboard. Addictive but then you hit a wall and then 25 bucks a week to advance. Too many bugs and too many thugs. Watch your wallet…

So far great game, a few things that can be improved. Make it that 5 star scrolls only summon rare to legendary heroes, I hate it when I get a 5 star common hero that I paid 150 gems for. Also add a multi summon function at altar. Like x5 or x10, same for identifying items. And maybe add a way to swap or transfer upgrade lvl from one hero to another. Improve training hall. Either better xp or cheaper upgrade. Remove common items from black market, have 2 dif heroes in market as well.
  • Ten Percent Red
  • Thank you for your review!

So the flaws in this game I think are really what draw me to it.. it’s rough.. things are really grindy in spots.. the UI is missing tons of quality of life features other games have, but dammit it’s what makes it so interesting. In a way it’s a call back to older PC games where everything takes a bit of effort in order to achieve a reward. That said the game has tons of room for improvement in terms of the game loop and activites to keep players engaged long term. Keep up the work!

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