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[Game] Heroes vs Hordes – Survivor

Heroes vs HordesWill you survive waves of enemies?
Defeat hordes of mighty enemies using powerful weapons and spells. Become the #1 Survivor!

Take control of legendary heroes, equip the best weapon and defeat the Hordes – vampires, orcs, and skeletons! Will you survive? Or maybe you get overflown with enemies? Experiment with different weapons and power-ups. Level up your character and survive!

Become the #1 Survivor!

The enemies will continue to encircle you. You must survive! Use swords, bows, and spells to survive. Collect the treasures and chests. Look out for swarms of monsters and brace yourself for powerful boss fights

Each level gives you access to new powerful upgrades – would you choose a new weapon or upgrade your inventory? Put your strategic thinking into practice, test the best strategy and survive the Hordes. Enjoy the action game of the year!

Upgrade your talents, collect Mythic armor, and level up the Heroes to guarantee your victory! Which Hero will you choose? Powerful Knight with his goblin-slayer sword, or maybe the Dark Ranger and his hunting bow? Unlock the Mages to discover the powers of the elements. Choose your favorite hero and become top survivor in Heroes vs. Hordes 🗡

Explore new areas and new enemy types. Your journey will take you on an adventure from Haunted Forest, through the sands of the Bone Desert to the most dangerous lands of the Fire Fields and Forgotten Citadel

Play the horde survival game, Heroes vs. Hordes, and prove you are the mightiest of Heroes! You have what it takes to become the top survivor! Play the game for free.

Supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action as part of the federal funding for video games.

Heroes vs Hordes user reviews :

I love the game overall. The only thing holding back a 5 star review is the large amounts for the packages. The “adventure pass” is twice as much as the battle pass for a similar amount of bonus product. $110 for a set of epic gear only is incredibly steep. The gameplay, loop, communication and feedback is great. I highly recommend the game, but spend wisely.

Not a bad game, but very repetitive. Progression does NOT keep up with the levels as you advance. I’ve only been leveling the starter character, dumping all my gold into leveling her up, leveling equipment, and buying new “perks”. Can’t progress any further. There are multiple heroes, too, so good luck. Never enough gold, either. Can’t even level up certain things without doing levels repetitively. Chests only give 1 item, and usually garbage quality. All in all, pretty “meh” game.

It’s okay. It’s basically a vampire survivors clone, except it’s much harder to control and it’s set up to encourage micro transactions. It has all the super tedious things you expect from phone games that are out for profit. Unlike Vampire Survivors, the levels are procedurally generated and really basic. I got bored with it quickly.

Super fun game, but damn, stop with the constant in your face offers. For one, they are waay too expensive, 100 euro for an epic set??? 25 euro for 1000 tokens to upgrade your favorite weapon?? It’s crazy. Also getting these weapon tokens is near to impossible without spending real money. It’s quite a shame the way this game wants you to spend that much money to be able to progress much further. It could have been a true 5 star game without these constant annoying AF offers.

I have to start by saying this is by far my favorite game in the Google store of the genre. The graphics are good, the game is smooth, and the adds are optional. EDIT: With the latest addition of the adventure mode, the devs went money hungry, and it made me regret supporting them in the past. Hope they see the error of their ways. Until then, this goes down to 3*, and I’m truly and deeply saddened to see an optional $10 monthly sub go to $30 a month to support the new mode. It’s insane.

  • Thank you for your support!  Edit: DS, we’re sorry you feel this way. Rest assured, all in-game purchases remain optional & are designed for faster progress or convenience. Players can still achieve everything without spending and players have proven it. We’re committed to keeping the game fair & enjoyable for all. All the best to you.

It’s fun for a while- gave it five stars. If you don’t mind the ads, don’t get the Ad remover tbh. Realizing that I basically MUST pay for the adventure path in order to unlock the hero, I lost pretty much all interest in this game. Dropped the score to a 2, especially since a lot of the other monetization is bad. A shame, I loved it- and I did buy the ad removal. I don’t even regret it, I had a great time- but it’s earned my disapproval.

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