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[Game] Hidden objects of Eldritchwood

Hidden objects of EldritchwoodSolve thousands of brain puzzles and riddles in the mysterious Legends of Eldritchwood!

Hidden objects and seekers notes are waiting for you! Find them all and uncover the mystery of the hidden city. Piece together puzzles and riddles to reveal the secrets!
Become the real truth seeker – the Chosen One!

This brainteaser allows you to be a part of the hidden mystery world! So, immerse yourself in a mysterious story with unexpected riddles and puzzles.
Legends of Eldritchwood are telling that the Chosen One would come to uncover the secret of the seekers notes hidden mystery. This midnight castle mystery game allows you to become a real seeker and find a lot of secret notes on the way. Save Loe, solving puzzles and march-3 riddles. You have a chance to become a living legend or a legend of solgard.

Here is what’s waiting for you in the depths of Eldritchwood:

PUZZLES & RIDDLES. Find hidden objects and unlock new locations. Explore secrets and search for objects; there could be 2, 3, 5, 10… Seekers always win!

CREATURES & CHARACTERS. Explore the neighborhood. The whole city is full of mysterious creatures and midnight characters that will help you on the seeker journey.

NEW EXCITING CHAPTERS. Your journey is just beginning. Solve big and small puzzles to find the secret answers to the seeker’s questions. Get ready for some plot twists, unexpected brainteasers, brain puzzles, and unsolved riddles.

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Hidden objects of Eldritchwood user reviews :

I’ve been playing and really enjoying this game for some time now… BUT the last update messed up the tournament screen, showing game icons over items to search for. When an ‘option’ was clicked, the icons disappeared, but I couldn’t zoom in to see anything. There is now another update notification, but when the update is clicked, it only gives an option to uninstall, not to update. Help please…

  • Hello! At the moment, update 1.13.003 has been released, which fixed the indicated problem. Please update to the latest version. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Loved this game until the recent pet update, used to make occasional in-game purchases and regularly rank in the top 5-10 on leaderboards. Either give us more than just basic treats in chests (upgrading treats is very expensive), change it back to the old, simple format with just the cat dog and guinea pig or you’re going to lose this very dedicated player.

  • Hello. The higher the level of the treat, the more difficult it is to get it. However, by increasing the level of your pets, you increase the number of skill points, which will allow you to complete more tasks and, accordingly, receive more rewards. Our support team will be happy to answer all your questions by emailing support[at]crootosoftware.com.

Was going to give this 5 stars but the past week I can’t get any of my rewards when I watch the videos! So annoying especially if I only need to find one more thing or I need a bit more energy to complete a place.

  • Hello! Our team is already working on this problem and we will try to solve it ASAP. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

My favorite seek and find I just love play it for hours it is so relaxing hope that it continues to get better can’t wait for updates keep up the awesome work Thank You

  • Hello! Thanks for your review. We are glad that Legends of Eldritchwood brings you positive emotions.

Story, hidden objects, repeat, repeat. The story is good and makes me want to continue it. I love hidden objects so it’s a double win for me.

  • Hello! Thank you for your wonderful review! We’re happy to hear you enjoy playing Legends of Eldritchwood!

Took a break when I got bored. Tried many others. Forget it. None compared at all. This is a very well planned, well thought out game. I’m really hooked this one!

  • Hello! Thanks for your review. We are glad that Legends of Eldritchwood brings you positive emotions.

This game actually is a challenge and worth it. I see why it’s got high rating I feel everyone who likes to find items in pictures this one will definitely challenge you. It’s fun and addictive. Have fun and good luck to you all

  • Hello! Thank you for your wonderful review! We’re happy to hear you enjoy playing Legends of Eldritchwood!

Only started playing this game..However graphics are awesome and story is interesting enough..Hope it continues to be intriguing and worth playing

  • Hello! Thank you for playing Legends of Eldritchwood! We’re grateful for your support!

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