Hide Online – Hide as a Prop from other players

[Game] Hide Online – Hunters vs Props

Hide OnlineHide Online an addictive and thrilling multiplayer Hide and Seek action-shooter game in popular Prop Hunt genre.

Hide as a Prop from other players in any room or try to escape! Simply swap and become any kind of hidden object — a chair, a box, a cup, or even a lavatory pan.

Or hunt the hidden players as a Hunter by finding and shooting them!

Both grownups and children will have fun playing hide and seek in Hide Online!

Hide Online user reviews :

Very fun gameplay that is ruined with the pay to win concept. If you wanna try to earn your way through it, it will not be possible. I tried hours of gameplay and hardly got anywhere, I was also stopped from watching ads to get charges. The game is very fun but with that pay to win concept there, I have a hard time enjoying the game. This game is in all honesty a perfect example of a good game being ruined by the pay to win concept. had not not been for that, this would 100% be a five star game.

I think the game is good so far especially the Christmas-themed update. I think people should like this game because it is fun and addicting to play even though I can only play it a certain amount a day. A thing that I suggest is to put more items you can be on the Christmas theme if you could that would make me happier. I’m glad you made this game for me and other people to play I’d give two thumbs up right now

Everything is great except the maps and the videos for free charges. The maps are perfect sized but they are the same ones. I played this a year ago and still the same maps. Here are some ideas for maps: -A Minecraft map -A Halo map -A Farm map -A Pixel Art map -A Bedroom map -A Black Ops 3 map That’s all I can think of. Also the ads freeze. Also make the emoji emote go away when taunting because it makes finding props too easy. Make it so that each time you are the best player you get 25 coins.

I like this game. But the game is quite of a pay to play game. There are free charges but there is a limit of how much you can watch ads. Also, the progress of getting a reward is painfully slow, only +4% in a complete match, or +7% if you are the best player. Also the scoring system is quite hilarious. You might hit a prop a lot of times but only the last 2 players who hit will get a score. It needs MORE maps. But the rest, especially the automatic taunt, gives a thrill. It adds fun. [4/5]

A Lot Of Fun! However, its glitchy. You can’t always watch a video to get items when you need them. I did throw some money into the game for coins but I wont be doing it again because I went to hit the “like” button at the end of a game and an add for gear came up at the same time and wasted the last of my coins. I didnt want a Santa suit

I love this game. Enough rants by players to remove this & that. This is a perfect game. However, can we look into adding a voice chat option for the teams. Like if I spot a prop, I can call my team together to finish it. Same for props, if I see the hunters are near, I can warn my peeps or we can use our special powers more effectively. Pleaee consider

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