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Hiitmi HIIT Timer  We are three guys who love high intensity interval training.

But we couldn’t find an interval timer app we liked, so we created one ourselves that we love.

Features of Hiitmi (free version)

No ads
Unlimited number of created timers
Easy and fun to use
Create your own workout and share it with your friends
Training with music: just use your favorite music or podcast service (Spotify, YouTube, etc.)
Energetic and motivating female voice
Beep sounds for use in noisy environments
Keep track of your workouts with simple statistics
Choose between light and dark theme
App is in English, with English voice
With vibration
Hiitmi runs in the background or when the screen is turned off (for Huawei devices it may be necessary to whitelist Hiitmi in PowerGenie, more at www.hiitmi.com/help). This allows you to use Hiitmi with YouTube.

Introduction of Hiitmi Pro

We received many wishes for additional features, and also the wish from some users to support us financially. So we decided to introduce a subscription based Pro version that provides additional features. This way we can keep Hiitmi ad free and independent. We thought the price of about one coffee per month would be fair.

Additional features of Hiitmi Pro (paid version with subscription)
Announcement of the exercise names
Don’t say “Hiitmi”

The basic version of Hiitmi stays free and ad free  and without restrictions in the number of timers you can create or share.

Try Hiitmi Pro for free for 6 months
As an introductory gift, you can try Hiitmi Pro for free for 6 months (introductory offer valid for subscriptions made in 2020).

Tell us what features you would like
In the Pro subscription screen inside the Hiitmi app, you can use a feature wish list to let us know what features you would like to see in the future.

Hiitmi is an interval timer for HIIT, tabata, yoga, calisthenics, boxing, crossfit, MMA, bodyweight exercises, cardio exercises, circuit training or any interval training or workout.

Of course you can also use Hiitmi for other things like sauna, cooking, studying, taking cold showers, sunbathing, etc.. enjoy!

Hiitmi HIIT Timer user reviews :

Excellent. App has everything you need from a hiit timer. I was looking for something like this months ago and was frustrated I couldnt find a simple timer like this even on a website. I use this for rowing. Easy to set up my own exercise, The “work” is 30 sec, the “rest” (not really at rest, merely going at pace and not ‘full out’ is 1 min 30 sec. Simple and not bloated with useless options and is easy on the eyes. Focus is on User experience and I Appreciate that the free model has no ads.
  • Christian Stocker
  • Dear Rakesh Great to hear that you finally found hiitmi as a perfect tool for rowing workouts and we are glad that the features convinced you so directly. Thank you for taking the time to share these praising words. We would be happy if you could recommend Hiitmi to friends/colleagues. Good luck and have fun rowing with Hiitmi. Your Hittmi Team
Great app! But it would be perfect if there was a way to add different exercises when you cycle workouts instead of having to do the same ones over again
  • Christian Stocker
  • Dear Gavin We are glad that Hiitmi could convince you directly. Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us. We are already working on a pro feature that will make the Workourts much customizable. Please send us an email to info@hiitmi.com that we can send you infos. Have fun and success training with Hiitmi. Your Hittmi Team
Absolutely love this app, recommend it to all of my clients to download!! I wish I could use it on my P.C. as well.
  • Christian Stocker
  • Dear Dawn It’s great to hear that you love hiitmi. Do you tried out the Samsung-Dex App to use your Samsung Phone on your P.C. www.samsung.com/us/explore/dex/ Let us know if it worked or if you have any further questions info@hiitmi.com. Thanks for sharing and the great feedback. Successful training with Hiitmi in 2021! Your Hiitmi Team
Very nice application. Please add option to send notification to smart watch. I use “Alert bridge” app.
  • Christian Stocker
  • Dear meh Pa Thank you very much for your praise, we are glad that the design of Hiitmi could convince you. We have taken note of your suggestion for sending notifications and will take it into consideration for future updates. Thank you for taking the time to share this. We wish you good luck with your workouts. Your Hiitmi Team

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