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Holo LauncherNew Holo Launcher works on Android 4.1+ devices.
If you like the old Holo Launcher for your old devices, please find it on the Play Store.

Basic Features:
Full material design.
Custom Desktop Pages/Grid: Up to 9 desktop pages and 10 x 10 grid.
Scrollable Dock: Up to 7 icons per page and up to 3 pages.
Infinite Scrolling
Gestures: Swipe up/down on desktop to launch apps quickly.
Customizable shortcut/folder icons
Customizable icon label color
Apply icon packs, support ADW icon pack and Launcherpro icon pack.
Long press to edit mode
Other Customization Options: Keep in memory, home key action, hide apps in drawer, hide labels, etc.

Plus Features (Need Holo Launcher Plus):
Unread count notifications for call, sms, gmail and K-9 mail
Customizable notification badge color
More desktop gestures: Pinch in/out, Two Finger Swipe and Double-tap
Icon Swipe up/down gestures
Support Go Launcher icon pack
More transition effects
Widgets overlapping
Other enhancement and customization options

Holo Launcher user reviews :

Really nice launcher, fast, compact and simple to use. Currently using with Icon Studio which allows you to tailor it how you want and gives a very professional look. I would be grateful if the developers would add a small bit of code (available from the Icon Studio app in help for developers). This would make it fully compatable with applying icons more easily.

wow! i have at last found a light weight launcher that meets my four needs: icon resizing, label hiding, infinite screen loop and dock hiding. but holo has a serious bug, it confuses a long-press over an icon: when i just want to move an icon over the screen it makes the screen smaller and shows the app’s menu at the bottom. and many times it doesn’t even respond to a long-press. please fix so i can give a well deserved 5 stars. holo looks dated but i hope you fix it.

Time to move on after years of use. IDK why I stayed with this launcher for so long compared to the built in one on my Moto G7. Widgets hardly work as you have to guess half of the time where to tap on them to get the functionality. No matter how you set the grid size, etc, no joy. Defeats the purpose to even have widgets unless just for looks. Last straw was half of my tray icons just disappeared today, with two rows that’s a big pain. Couldn’t even restore a backup.

been using the free version. i love it! ui is super clean & straightforward. love that i don’t feel “cluttered” no obnoxious ads or pointless tabs to dig through to find what i want. the less i have to dig to figure out what options are available, the better. ((more options could be added tho)) thanks devs! keep up the good work.

Decent, cuts the top portion of my screen and applies a search engine … Kinda lame. I popped up my apps to try to integrate this to my use… But screen went white with only search bar available… After about 30sec… Instantly decided to uninstall app. It’s probably good but. Auto layout was annoying didn’t even feel like bothering to fix. Uninstall was simpler,

Pretty basic and standard. Pretty much what you’d expect from any launcher. It doesn’t have any ads, or constant “premium-mode” pop-ups, which I appreciate, but to make up for it, it’s pretty watered down and it’s style is quite outdated.

I’ve looked all over for a launcher that used little resources but maybe still had things like notification badges . Evie launcher has nothing on this ! Almost no system resources and badges ! Even though a few things can get glitchy , somewhere into reinstalling its not . The badges still have some issues every once in a while . Its not that bad .

Cool stuff! The lightest launcher I’ve ever encountered! I never change my launcher again after I use this, just simple and light. The only thing that bothers me is it’s been long time since the last update, there might be lots of minor bugs that needs to be fixed. Thanks!

Saved the day and made my new phone adjustment easier. One of everything I loved about my Nexus 5 was the Google Now Launcher. I literally hung on to that phone for as long as I could. Being able to emulate it made the transition with my Pixel 3a so much more pleasant.

Only launcher to use with android, there are no other compromises that’ll do! And, if you to ALL users experiencing issues, goto your preinstall folder. There you will see the app. Remove it from your devices and that will fix your problem.

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