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[Game] Home Flip – Crazy Jump Master

Home FlipDo you feel tired to the bone? Do you miss a good sleep?

It’s time to lose control over your body like a ragdoll and flip-flip-flip to your bed!

In Home Flip: Crazy Jump Master you should get ready to jump and fly through all the obstacles in your house to a bedroom. Watch out and don’t touch the floor!

Explore rooms with different furniture like tables, chairs, bottles, shelves, freezers, lamps, and other obstacles that can get in your way to bed. Flip the ragdoll body over anything like doing a water bottle flip.

Keep in mind one key rule when jumping at home – DON’T TOUCH THE FLOOR! Try not to fall to the ground and get to the bed safely!

You don’t know how to do backflips? It’s super easy in this crazy jumping game! Tap your screen to jump and tap again to double flip! Flip through rooms like a jump master!

Why you’ll love this flipping game:

Dozens of fun levels
Lots of jumping experience
Addictive flipping gameplay
Tons of obstacles to overcome
Easy controls
Bright graphics
Ragdoll physics

Flipping at home has never been this fun before! Download Home Flip: Crazy Jump Master and let’s go playing!

Home Flip user reviews :

The best one of these games out there as it has daily missions to complete (make headshots, break plates, squash melons, jump over people etc.), has loads of skins to collect and it’s smooth to play with no lags or glitches. There’s an ad after every level which sucks but apart from that I like the game and it’s a nice time killer, all in all I would recommend installing this if you like this sort of ‘flip’ game 10/10

This game is fun but it has the arrows for all the levels and there is a add after every level and maybe every 2 levels it is also super easy I would not recommend.it is a wast of time and attention this game is one of the worst I’ve played

I love this game, but the ads just make it frustirating. After every round you get an ad. Besides that its a great game. For people who love gaming, do this one, but the ads are constant! I’ll give it 5 stars if you stop these ads! Pls this is such a good game. Also one more thing the update was good, but you need to add more axes. And if u dont have internet, it just says “internet error” and you cant play it. Pls stop that too! Also as others have said, pls add some mini games! Pls!

  • Hi! We feel sorry that you have issues. Could you please wait a little bit? Our developers will try to solve it in the shortest time possible. Stay tuned!

Watching the ragdoll physics can be kind of funny, but variety is not this game’s strong suit. Once you’ve played a small handful of levels, you’ve seen pretty much everything the game has to offer. Ads are fairly frequent, but I’ve seen worse. New skins unlock fairly quickly, and you can get a bunch early with optional ads. Overall, it can be fun in short bursts, but doesn’t really have staying power.

  • Hello! We understand how ads can be really annoying sometimes but we did our best to minimize them as much as possible for your comfort! Ads are what allows us to keep growing & improving the game so we thank you for patience and understanding!

I love this game but its quite annoying that after every ( EVERY SINGLE ) level theres always an ad i would understand every 3-4 levels but like its only 1 level untill an ad… i hope you understand But its a good game i recommend

  • Hi! Our team is trying to provide a quality product and we’re glad you like the game. We will try to solve your issue in the shortest time possible. If you have any suggestions for improving our app, send them to info@aigames.ae. Thank you!

The ads are quite common and annoying and have a 50-75% chance of appearing after clearing a level, and the developer doesn’t seem to care about the rants. Also, this game seems to be inappropriate in a way. First of all, in the “Star” section for the game, there are 2 sides for male and female. The female sign was an instant red flag, because for the female, all 6 women were wearing only a bra and panties, therefore I could only relate to name “Star” to “Porn-star”. That tells you everything.

  • It’s very sad that you think so. We are working hard on improving our game. We are adding new content and different features regularly and minimizing the ads as possible to keep the app free and to have the possibility to work on it. We hope that you’ll give another chance to our game. Stay tuned!

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