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HoneylandJoin players worldwide as you build your swarm of bees, harvest sweet rewards, compete in quests and PVP battles to collect as much honey as you can for your Hive.

Explore the vast lands across the universe in Honeyland, manage your bees, and earn tools and resources to help you along the way. Your Swarm is waiting for you.

With vibrant graphics and intuitive gameplay, Honeyland is the perfect game for anyone who loves strategy games and adorable bees.

Welcome to Universe 1
Build and manage your swarm of bees, upgrade their skills so they can produce more honey
Collect honey by harvesting across the universe
Collect items along the way to help upgrade your bees and earn faster
Mate your bees and queen to create more playable characters to help you earn faster.
Complete quests to hone your PVP skills and earn sweet rewards
Compete against other players in an idle battle to win honey
Protect your hive from attacks from other players
Customize your Hive to make it uniquely yours with unique decorations, backgrounds, and more
Claim your free daily spin to win free items
Enjoy beautiful graphics and intuitive gameplay

What are you waiting for? Join the Honey rush today.

Honeyland user reviews :

I have been playing this game for many months now! I am usually not a fan of colony building games. But, this game is really easy to get into and then you want to keep on perfecting your hive. You can always keep on playing for free, but adding Beemium gives you real value assets and the ability to actually earn money from your gameplay! It just adds much more sincerity to your gameplay. Think of it like playing poker just for matches or actually for some money. It’s a different game. Well done!

The concept of the game is interesting so far. My only issue is that the bumble dash mini game is not loading after multiple attempts to uninstall and install to try and resolve the issue. Also the support team did not really provide any good guidance to provide a remedy.

I love the game, the idea and theam is cool, the gameplay is pretty fun, the bad thing is that the tutorial is too long and drawn out, and that the ingame store to buy the bees is a rip off, why buy $HXD when i can just purchase the bees for way cheaper with $Sol on magic eden or tensor. now, if you just wanna play the free version, i guess that doesn’t matter, but if they want the price of HXD to go up, they need to fix this.

After a week long tutorial I was starting to really enjoy the game, but now it freezes every time I try to send my bees out on a mission. As soon as I hit the Send All button a while square pops up in the middle of my screen and the game freezes.

Excellent web3 game, well thought, good graphics and good user experience (usage of the blockchain and nfts..), got some bugs but seems to be getting improved constantly. Very good support as well!!

Did the tutorial and enjoyed it bought beemuim added solflare wallet added hxd into game. I can upgrade bees and buy items in shop but game crashes everytime I try to harvest or hunt. Since tutorial complete was not able to do single hunt or harvest. Pick my bees for mission click to verify then loading then crashes sometimes goes verify when I try it crashes tried most of morning no joy excited to start but frustration now. Android huawei P20 lite.

I like this game because it offers an opportunity to earn passive income while strategically playing. Owning an NFT is not necessary with is great. The community helps understand to ropes and are really nice. I cant complain about anything. 5 stars from me!

Outstanding!!! This game sets the standard for play and earn. Fun, beautiful, engaging, and incredibly well designed. This is one of the most well though out games I have ever played!!!

This is my favorite project on any block chain. It has a great team who is always pushing updates and really identifies with the community. This project will go far, it’s only just getting started!!

Such an addictive, insanely fun and cool game – managing my hive of bees, collecting honey, hunting and battling other hives has become a daily addiction….. the artwork is amazing too!

Been good so far ui is fluid and looks good enough content to keep you busy right now and updates are good working and frequent keep up the good work

I kindly suggest you to open the second universe before the proposed launch of honeyland in 100 countries.I hope you guys understand, too many user’s in a single universe will create too much bottle neck traffic in honeyland and that will spoil the name of game, it’s players point of view. It may reduce the interest to play the game. I hope this suggestion will be the good choice. thank you, very kind of you.

I am obsessed! I keep bees in real life and thought “let’s keep bees in virtual life too!”. Keep my bees busy and I will grow my hive to perfection!

loads of fun. great user interface. it’s not gonna make you a millionaire but being paid to play a game in my spare time works for me somehow

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