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Honor of KingsHonor of Kings, developed by Tencent Timi Studio and published by Level Infinite,stands as the world’s most-played mobile MOBA.

It is a fast-paced 5v5 competitive mobile MOBA where competitive gameplay meets top-tier game quality, diversed play styles, tactical and social experience. Every player has the chance to display their unique gaming style and guide their team to victory.

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Honor of Kings user reviews :

So far it’s a pretty decent game. Ain’t nothing new from the moba you know, tbh, but the oriental style characters feel a little fresh at least. had an ok interaction with staff. Tutorials take a while to finish and one of them is not properly explained and can bug out a little, but you do get solid info if you’re new, especially for jungling. notification red dots are kinda small and hard to see. but so far it’s been a good game, for being newly released

I really do enjoy this game far more than I ever did on MLBB, however in the middle Eastern version of the game, every day when I try to lunch the game it crashes several times before it finally gives me the loading screen where it says clearing unused resources where it deletes its 5gb of data so I’m forced to download them again every single day which is totally annoying and takes away my urge to play the game tbh

  • Hi,player! You can try changing network modes (such as switching from Wi-Fi to 4G/5G). At the same time, please clear device cache and close other applications. Afterwards, try logging in to the game again. If the problem persists, please give us feedback via our email: support[at]honorofkings.com. Aaron HOK R&D team

Overall a pretty alright MOBA. Takes a lot of inspiration from Mobile Legends. I’ll start with the good: great connection to the server, no ping spikes or lag. The heroes are all very unique and have cool skills. However, the bad is really bad. Turrets are way too strong with huge radiuses. Enemies can just hide behind them the whole game with only death awaiting those who dive. Interior turrets and the base have laughable hp. I could go on and on, but I ran out of characters.

The game is very fun to play, all characters have unique skill set, and gameplay is enjoyable. Though, I’d say that the items are lacking and does not provide everything, coz I don’t see an item that could counter the healing or lifesteal/vamp either skills or items. AND!! MY AUDIO IS DISRUPTED WHENEVER I’M IN-GAMEEEE!! It works perfectly fine in the lobby though, even in practice mode, but when I enter a match it fades…… Please, I beg y’all tell me how to resolve thissssss

  • Hi,player! We warmly welcome your thoughts and suggestions. You can equip items like [Mortal Punisher] and [Venomous Staff] to counter the healing or lifesteal/vamp. Besides, please ensure a stable network and enough device memory. If the issue persists, please kindly contact our in-game customer service for further assistance. Aaron HOK R&D team

The game graphics and content are good but it’s still at early stages and it needs a lot of improvement ,refering to the balance team ,it needs a lot of balancing in terms of hero power and abilities ,most of the heroes seem very overpowered and you can’t make any difference by just playing good no matter what you did it’s not fair at all ,you’ll still get squashed by some heroes and lose the game anyway ,it’s very frustrating and it’s making me not play the game until you fix this issue..

  • Hi,player! Each hero has their own characteristics and can be countered by selecting proper heroes and equipment. Please provide the in-game customer service with the names of imbalanced heroes so that we can offer better guidance. Our team is willing to collect ideas on hero balance. Jim HOK R&D team

Very fun game , skill based and not pay to win , smooth and team based obviously if you’re not familiar with these kind of games don’t get mad when you’re repeatedly killed u have to use you’re brain utilise abilities to max potential and play as a team meaning sometimes doing what you would not like to in order to win. Great job developers ! Looking forwards to updates and future of this game I’ll definitely gonna be playing it !

Hi HOK team, My phone is a low end device, but the gameplay itself does not lag at all, i have a decent internet connection, Every match i played didn’t lag at all, But the menu and after match screen always freezes, It’s ruining the fun for me, i love this game Because the gameplay does not lag at all, it’s the home menu and after match screen, also sometimes when i get a hero for free it freezes. Please fix this problem team Their is no problem in gameplay, problem is Game UI screen

  • Hi,player! We recommend contacting the in-game customer service with a description of the issue and a relevant screenshot. The in-game customer service will provide you with dedicated services to solve the issue you are encountering. How to contact the in-game customer service: [Settings] – [Basic] – [Player Support] Jim HOK R&D team

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